Axa ac



Any one going for the AXA Actuarial Assessment Centre on the 20th of July, 2010???




Yes I’m booked on, are you attending the dinner the night before?


hey, sorry for the late response…:smiley:

yeah i am attending the dinner…

nice to find one person…


Hey guys :slight_smile:

I am also booked for the AC and dinner!

Quite excited!


Hey Domino… congrats on getting the AC… hope we all do well…

Where u travelling from ?


Hi Karankapoor23,

Thank you! And congratulations to you too :slight_smile:

I am travelling from Kent and you?


Hi all I’ll be travelling from Birmingham and staying in the IBIS Hotel at Temple Meads.


Hey Guys…

I am traveling from Nottingham…

@ TomDon: IBIS seems like a great idea… what time are you reaching Bristol maybe we could coordinate…

@Domino: Have you made any accommodation plans…


Hi guys,

Karankapoor23, I haven’t made any accommodation plans as yet, but IBIS seems like a good idea. I will book myself in there too!

And as for traveling plans, I have not yet booked a spot on the train, but I am going to be traveling from London Paddington to Bristol Parkway.

TomDon, congratulations on getting the AC!

Have both of you applied for the Actuarial Student Programme?


hi domino… yeahh i am going for the ASP too…

when do you plan to reach IBIS??


@Domino Thanks congratulations also, and yes I’ve applied for the ASP


I’m yet to book my train will wait for details of the meal before.

IBIS allows check in from 12pm so will plan to get there a few hours before the dinner and I think meeting up prior will be a good idea. We’ll arrange something once we know the times.



@ tom… ofcourse I agree with you completely… we’ll definitely meet up before the dinner…:slight_smile: Keep me updated about when u are planning to reach bristol



Hi Guys , wish you all good luck.

Please can you let me know there assesment process, I am looking forward assessment for BDM position in AXA.


its the pretty much same group ex, presentation, competency, and in-tray


Hi guys,

Congratulations to all of you on getting the invitation to AXA’s AC, and to Spain on becoming the new Champion of the World Cup.

I am going to the dinner as well, from Nottingham. So karankapoor23 we possibly can go to Bristol together.

I have booked my train leaving from Beeston station at 10:43am, change at Birmingham New street station at 12:12 (tomdon could join us from here at your convenience), and arrive at Bristol Temp Meads at 13:39.

Anyway, looking forward to meet you all in Bristol and best of luck.


Hi JK Liu!

Congrats on getting the AC :slight_smile:

Are you also going to be staying at the IBIS hotel or have you booked somewhere else?

Looking forward to meeting all of you!


Hi Domino,

Thank you. I have booked another hostel on White Ladies Road and I’ll take an early train from Clifton Hill to Parkway.

See you all soon


hi guys…

looking forward to seeing you…

I@ JK Liu ive already booked my train tickets and its later than yours so i guess travelling wont be possible…
why dont we guys exchange numbers before hand and meet up before the dinner… if its ok with every one else…

mine is 07545524574


That sounds good karankapoor23, mine is 07887986170, keep in touch.


Hi Guys :slight_smile:

I will text you my number in a bit!

As for the presentation- anyone know what that’s going to be about? I was thinking that it could possibly be just after the group exercise…

It doesn’t seem like something you could prepare for.