AXA 2015 Video Interview



Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has made it to the 2015 Video interview with Axa and for which scheme? I am waiting for an invitation myself and if you could share your experiences that would be much appreciated!! Thank You.


Hi there

I haven’t got experience of the 2015 Axa video interview, but thought you might find this thread useful :slight_smile:



I have AXA video interview for 2016 actuarial, if anyone have given interview then please share the experience and what kind of questions were asked



Hi, please could you share any questions that were asked in the video interview? Thanks :slight_smile:


AXA video interview

according to your knowledge of axa and changes in the insurance industry, why this programme and actuary ?

a time when you adapt your approach due to change in situation

other than academic success, your greatest acheivement

what will make you a better actuary


Did you get the video interview in the end?