AXA 2014 video interview



Hello everyone, I have been trying to book an interview for about one week but failed. The system always suggests that there are no slots available. Is anyone experiencing the same problem? I wrote an email to axa career but so far I have got no response either


You get an email link sent to you and you follow it that way. Should have had an email from launch pad. It will say video interview I think on your form. Mine has changed to graduate assessment but I’ve heard nothing from them since last Sunday when I completed mine.


finally sorted it out, thank you very much. I assume that means that you are invited to the assessment centre?


Oh good. Hope our interview goes okay. No I don’t know yet. Maybe still reviewing it. Got an email to say they are reviewing interviews in batches and can’t tell me when they’ll let me know. Unless anyone ha done the video interview and it just says completed.


Hi Everyone

I am doing my video interview for the AXA Business Leaders Graduate Program. Can anyone help me with the questions that they asked? Is it mostly competency? Do they appear to ask the same questions?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!



Anyone else got through to the assessment centre stage?


No idea. I don’t know if I am through or not. When you log in does it say next to your video interview completed or graduate assessment asp?


Completed it last night and got an email through today with an invitation to Assessment Centre. When I log in it says Assessment centre interview conf…


Mine says graduate assessment asp. I have asked them twice for the outcome and still no response. Very frustrating esp as I don’t think It went well. It has a link to say book interview. What do you think wh123?


Oh congrats btw. Have you booked an AC yet?


The book interview is the invite to the assessment centre. What happens when you click on the link?


Thank you. Yes - 9th Jan. the only options were 6th or 9th but I guess it depends where as it’s at a few places by the sounds of things?


It says no slots available. I would have thought if I had been unsuccessful it is rather rude to keep me waiting nearly over two weeks and to be told they can’t give me any date as to when I’ll find out the outcome. I don’t know if anyone else has had a similar experience.


Email them. If it says interview you have a place.


Yeah I had done. Thanks. :). Maybe meet meet you on the 9th if I am through :slight_smile: since that will be the best day for me to attend Now it’s trying to find a way to get time off work if I am going to the AC.


Yes absolutely!! Keep me posted! I’m going to the one in Tumbridge Wells


Could someone please let me know if it is possible to complete a practice question and log off before finishing off the actual questions. I am thinking of getting used to the interface and then after practice do the actual test.
Also, I would really appreciate if someone who has taken the test for actuarial can share any questions they remember. At the moment I am just randomly searching for competency based questions on google to prepare. Also I am not sure how long will I get for each question, I am assuming may be 2 mins each. Thanks to previous users for sharing so much information about this video interview.


For those like me still in the dark with this one, you’ll be hanging on until the new year as managers make their decisions. Just spoken to Axa and managers are doing final pre screening so good luck! P.s anyone been rejected yet?


Hi everybody,

I also have an actuarial first round video interview with AXA, and would like to echo ‘Bobby’snewhobby’s’ view. I would be extremely grateful if anybody who has done it could share some tips and advice on it. And, if possible, any pointers to the sorts of questions they ask would be a massive bonus!

Thanks again in advance :slight_smile:


So after a massive massive wait…I am through to the AC! :D. Good things come to those who wait. Has anyone else heard? Anyone been invited to the one on 28th Jan?