AVL Powertrain UK- Telephone Interview


Is there anyone who has given a telephone interview for AVL Powertrain? I would be grateful if you could please provide any information on what types of competency based questions are asked and what level of technical questions are asked if any??


did you get the job, i have an interview soon…


did you get the job, i have an interview soon…


i got the interview 2day culd you please help me out…???


Guys can any one help me?.. I got interview tommorrow… pls help.


Hey Tomzion,

How was your interview and what all were you asked ??


Interview was fine. But they are not giving any result/feedback. Interview questions were mainly concenrating on control systems, speacifically PID . They also ask questions in the area of engines (diff b/n petrol & desial), transmission (diff type) , Hybrid etc . Their main main is to find the area you are strong in. But I heared that AVL just want to check how many graduates are available for them. All the best 4 ur interview.