AVIVA IT/Business Change graduate program


Anyone had an interview with Aviva for the IT/Business Change graduate program…I got an telephone interview on this tueday…


Hi Sumit09, how about your AVIVA IT/Business Change telephone interview?

I had one soon…


hi raistlin533 !!!
Mine one was good…i passed it…and they av called me for an AC…(date not final yet.)…they had some really interesting questions like…if u have arranged a theme party…how did u do it…what steps u took to make it succesful…Rest of the questions were same as posted on this link…

what i can suggest u is to be calm…dont panic…and two qstns are must…“why AVIVA” and “Why Credit Crunch happnd”…prepare simple answers for these…and to answer any qstn…speak slowly …so that u can have time to think…and “most” imp have faith on god…good luck… :wink:


I know this is an old post but yeah i had the whole what caused the credit crunch question and i blagged what I had done for my grad school essay on the top (also a podcast I had listened to earlier that week helped as well) but the real blessing was how friendly the interviewer was…she asked how I thought the interview went!?! lol I then put on my casanova hat (figuratively) and said something along the lines of i believe it went very well but feel like to really maximise my desire to work for you I would have preferred a face-to-face interview LOL and well all im saying is that im going to the AC in a few weeks


Whatever you do, if you make it to assessment day(s), keep your selves under control when on ‘lunch breaks’ where staff members may be with you. You are being assessed the whole time, do not forget this. Some people seem to relax too much after all that tension and it can have an adverse impact.

I worked in an area of Aviva where colleagues ran grad assessments and unfortunately some innocent grads did this and then wondered why they didn’t get any further after letting their behaviour slip. They became far too informal during the lunch break (or evening meal) during 1 or 2 day assessments. By all means show your personality and be mindful of those observing you. I wish any of you luck when applying for an Aviva role, it is a great place to work.


well too late for me then…gosh they were being sooooo informal it was scary asking us about the other organisations that we had worked for but i suppose if they are assessing us at that stage (when they have clearly said “dont worry you are not being assessed”) then im not too sure i would be tooooo disappointed if I don’t here anything positive.


I was waiting for the date for the AC when I got a call from Aviva saying they couldn’t go ahead with graduate recruitment this year because of the recession. I was very disappointed too.


I second this! (Post #5)

Do relax and let them see your personality; but be tactful and mindful of those around you!