Aviva interview


Has anyone had an interview with Aviva for the Actuarial Grad Programme? They say it’s a strengths based interview…Does anyone know how that differs from a competency based interview? Any advice will be much appreciated.


I have mine on 19/11/2009 so if yours is later you can wait for my post.


Mine is on 23rd, next Monday… I would really appreciate any advice. Good luck with your interview!!!



Can anyone PM me the graduate recruitment email for Aviva please

I need to know my test scores.


At least now you don’t have to worry about the Aviva boss stealing away your girlfriend or boyfriend.


Hi Mildaa! I am sorry to hear it didn’t go very well. I have the interview on monday and I’m really scared now. Before the strengths questions, they only ask about “why aviva” ?


And…can you ask questions at the end?


Don’t be scared!!! Its prob just me who freaks out during interview especially on the phone. They ask why aviva somewhere in the middle. They also asked if I enjoy meeting new people, if you communicate differently with different people, did you meet anyone last week and so on. And no she didnt let me ask any questions at the end. I thought its strainge as well.


I am having an interview tomorrow morning, will see what is it like. Hope those questions which mildaa stated will come up as I am prepared for them. Will tell you my feedback afterwards.


Thanks for your help shen! I have the interview later. Indeed, this type of interview is slightly different…you have to think on your feet and you cannot prepare much for it.

@baike…what time do you have your interview?


Well I am after an interview. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great experience. However, I am not sure about the outcome, it just depends whether they liked my personality or not. Will tell you more after the results come in (in a week). Just a natural sense of competition.
Mine lasted around 33 minutes (not even close to 15 mins). Did not ask the question ‘‘whether i met someone last week’’? there were all the questions stated in the previous posts and some more.
Had an opportunity to ask questions in the start before all the structured questions began.
It was nothing like talking to the answer machine. She was really nice and laughed in some places together with me when I was talking about my own experience. I doubt there is anything to be afraid of.
They will also record your conversation.
How was yours Irina? I am just wondering if there is only one person who is interviewing as my was really nice.


I had a telephone interview with Aviva around a month ago and was told I had been successful and was invited to an assessment centre. I didn’t hear anything else back until today when they said the application process has been changed and I now have a second phone interview with someone from the actuarial team. Has this happened to anybody else? What does this mean?


That’s weird…in the beginning of this month I went to a graduate fair and talked with one of their employees who said after the interview there will be a 2-day assessment centre. I never heard about a 2nd interview but I guess they just decided to change it as the first one was too general.

gstilgoe, you had the same type of interview?..strengths based, weird questions? How long will the second one be?


My first one was exactly as described by mike before my post…sort of strengths-based but with some unusual questions as well. I also met somebody at a careers event and they told me it would only be one interview before the assessment centre. Today is the first I have heard of the second interview. The best advice I can give is to just be aware of your strengths and any difficult situations you have dealt with and be prepared to answer anything. If anybody can give me some idea of what this second interview is about or why we have to do it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


hie guys, I know this question is in the wrong section,but i just wanted to ask what sort of numerical test Aviva does for their graduate scheme. I applied for accountancy. I have just been invited to do one you see, is it SHL or PSL/kenexa? and also how many questions shall i expect and the time? I did be grateful for any insight from anyone whose done it. thank you.

P.S. Goodluck with all your interviews and assessments


It’s an SHL test; as far as I remember the numerical one was 21 questions in 21 minutes and for the verbal I don’t remember exactly. Anyway, if you’ve done SHL type tests before you know what to expect.

Good luck!


Thank You, Irina…


So just to clarify, how much commercial awarness am I supposed to have when applying for this job? I’m gonna take the numerical test tommorow, then hopefully i’ll get myself an interview. How much about the insurance world am I supposed to know? A few key facts off of the Aviva site, or should I spend as much time as possible reading various websites and newspapers to immerse myself?

For the online test, there is the numerical one, but is there the one where you have to read short paragraphs and answer questions based on it as well?


You won’t be asked any commercial awareness question about insurance in the interview. They barely ask you “why Aviva?” and that’s all, really. So, at least for the interview you don’t need to know anything about insurance.

For the tests…you have the numerical test and the verbal one…which is standard…a paragraph and several True/False/Cannot know questions.


I didn’t get it either but it didn’t come as a surprise (I was kind of expecting it)…It was by far the most difficult interview I’ve had so far and I didn’t feel very comfortable with answering those questions. I know it might now sound like a “sour grapes” matter, but I don’t think those are the relevant questions to ask for this kind of position. It’s just a matter of luck and how chatty and imaginative you are on the spot.
And yeah, I think you have to give relevant examples and to make sure you emphasize your STRENGTHS along the way…Apparently, that’s what they’re trying to figure out…Anyway, overall, it was good experience.