Aviva Graduate Scheme 2017



see you there, good luck also!


Hey, just wondering if anyone has heard back from the AC last Wednesday?


My interviewer said we would be contacted by the 20th of Feb with whatever the outcome positive or negative


20th Feb is so long aha! Hopefully we hear back a bit sooner :’) Thank you for the info :slight_smile:


Just had an out of the blue telephone interview by aviva investors! Anybody else had the same?


As it’s getting closer to the 20th, I was just wondering if anyone who attended the assessment centre on the 31st Jan/1st Feb has had any response yet.


Did you pass your video interview?


Haven’t heard anything yet either–hopefully at some point today.


Did either of you hear anything today by any chance? I’m assuming we’ll have to wait until Monday @_@


nope, they did say they will email everyone on the 20th so I expected to have to wait until then


Nope - no news today either. If I don’t hear anything by the end of Monday I will shoot across an email to the recruitment team.


Ahh okay at least we’re all in the same boat I guess! Hopefully it’s not an email to say they need more time to decide :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you heard anything today?


Nothing yet - sent an email to the recruitment team.

How about you, any news on your side?


no I’ve had no news either


If you don’t mind me asking, what scheme did you apply to?


Has anyone else on here applied to the Graduate [Internship] Scheme on the investment track? I received a surprise phone call last week for a ‘chat’ about the scheme and detailing plans for the further stages of the application process. This was particularly strange given;

1: There was in excess of a month long wait
2: I thought I had applied to the 3-month internship scheme when the interviewer insisted that I had actually applied to a graduate scheme with a permanent contract
3: It seems the rest of you have already gone through the recruitment process

Is anyone else in a similar position to this? Is your assessment centre on the 1st of March?


I applied to the global graduate leadership scheme - as far as I’m aware the assessment centre I attended was for roles in Aviva and Aviva Investors (even those technically they are 2 separate companies).

Looking online though there appears to be a separate recruitment process in relation to the investment2020 programme - here companies are encouraged to hire graduates/apprentices from a more diverse background (rather than the traditional Oxbridge bunch) into investment management roles - Aviva investors are one of the companies taking part in this programme.

More than happy to provide more info - just PM me.


I was the same! Which scheme did you apply for originally?


Looks like I might be at the AC on Friday 28th. Still waiting to hear the final word on that, though. This is definitely a long ass process!