Aviva Graduate Scheme 2017



They should invite you for a video interview in a couple of days if you scored well enough


Anyone done the video interview for 2017 entry yet?


Anybody know the questions for the video interview for 2017 intake?


I need to do mine tomorrow. Have you completed yours?


Hi, has anyone completed the interview? How long do you get to answer each question?


Questions were more personal than technical; how would you react in a certain situation, how would you deal with this problem etc.


Video interview tomorrow, is there a case study or something along those lines that you will nee to work through?


No, its questions on a screen. I cant remember but its not the average questions you get. You need to think about your key skills, working in teams and if you enjoy it, itll ask you to talk about yourself and what you like doing on a day to day basis etc.


can anyone shed some light on the sort of questions asked in the video interview


is anyone having issues with not being able to actually sit the video interview, I’ve been told i’ve got throught to that stage but have no link or any instructions on how to complete it? This is for the Aviva GGLP scheme?


what type of questions were in the video interview?


I genuinely cant remember, it wasnt the typical ones. Its more strength based than competency. Sorry!


has any one had any replies after the video interview ?


I completed it 2nd November and still no reply


Hi mate, was wondering if you could give me details of the questions asked in your interview?




Did anyone else pass the video interview and have the assessment centre on Wednesday 1st feb 2017??



Passed my video interview back in Dec, booked to the assessment centre this Wednesday.

Hope you don’t mind me asking but which session are you attending (morning or afternoon).


afternoon you?


Hi Guys,

Just completed my AC today. This site has been very useful so wanted to give some feedback on it.
I won’t actually say all the questions.

  1. Group exercise - make sure you take lead and communicate. Work as a team and the usual. But also would suggest just brushing up on general commercial awareness (Insurance and general financial services).

  2. Interview - this was the bit I was most concerned about. After memorising my CV back to front it proved little use. Very much based on my understanding of the insurance sector and about challenges facing the sector. Also was asked about Aviva’s share price which stumped me. Didn’t really think my interviewer was engaged with me and the fact that there are so many people interviewing for so few places was demoralising.

  3. We had to do on the spot Numerical and Logical Reasoning test. A bit harder than the online application process.

Hope that helps and Good Luck!


Cool - I’m on the afternoon session as well,

Good luck…