Aviva Graduate Scheme 2017



Same here. I had an interview a couple of weeks back, and haven’t hear anything since. Christmas break is coming soon…


Hopefully, no news means good news…


Hi guys, I had an assessment day around 26th of November. I was offered the role so I will be accepting it. As of all of you still waiting to hear from them, I think they will wait for people to accept/reject the role and then invite more people for the assessment centre. After my video interview, they were very quick in replying as they contacted me the next day telling me I had passed and that they had 3 assessment days I could choose from.


Hey, I’ve also been offered the role. Where did you have your assessment centre?


Hi, when did you hear from them??
I attended an assessment centre on the 27th and I haven’t ears anything back yet and they said they will get back to me week beginning 7th December. I am guessing my application is still under review.
Please let me know what you guys think


Hi, when did you hear back from then and what assessment centre did you attend?


Hi, I heard from them last Wednesday. They took quite long but they said they would respond after all 3 days of assessment centres were complete. May be you should follow them up to get an idea. I went to the one not the 27th too!


Hey, I attended the one on the 27th in London. Are you going to accept it?


Yeah I attended the one on the 27th too but have not heard anything back, when did they get in touch with you?
Thanks for replying


Last Wednesday. May be you should follow up with them…


Hey have you heard back yet? I had an assessment centre couple of weeks ago and still have not heard back :confused:


I was told during the process of arranging the video interview, if I get through the interview, my assessment centre would be around the middle of January 2016 in London… I havent hear back from Aviva since my interview… Has been around two weeks… They are probably off for Christmas by now :stuck_out_tongue:


There was a rejection e-mail. But if you still haven’t heard from them, they are probably still considering you along with some others. If it’s taking too long, just e-mail their recruitment team.


Is anyone still waiting to hear back from there assessment centre at Aviva, I had mine on the 27th and heard nothing back so far. Rang them up and they said they are ringing everyone one by one to give feedback, but people have already been offered roles last week.
Seeing as they have not got in touch with me yet, do I presume I have failed the stage?
Its been 3 weeks now and it is getting very annoying.


Just finished my Hirevue interview so I’ll share here before I forget. My questions were: 1. Why did you apply to this program. 2. Why Aviva 3. Why did you choose the degree you are doing, followed by the competency questions 1. (can’t rmb the exact phrasing) What did you do to help your customers. 2. Was there anything you do that required you to go beyond your study or your work? 3. What mistake did you make in the past that has changed you?


Hey did you accept it then?


Hey, have you heard back yet from AVIVA about getting through to the assessment centre? I did my hirevue interview on 16th Dec but still havent heard any news, but i know the AC is on 13th Jan in london.


me too…


same here, havent received any news.


The Aviva feedback, how do you know if your test scores were good enough. I just did the test for the global graduate scheme and i’m freaking out