Aviva Graduate Scheme 2017


I thought I’d set up a forum thread for people applying for graduate roles at Aviva, to ask questions about the company, job applications and the interview and assessment process. Any contributions appreciated!


I am currently looking to apply for the 2016 graduate scheme. If anyone can give any information of their experience during the recruitment process, on-line application questions, assessment centre tasks etc… it would be much appreciated.


I have applied to the Global Graduate Leadership Programme and want to work in the actuarial business area and have some questions that I couldn’t find the answers to on the website. Are the three rotations that you do in different business areas or are they all within the one? Do they provide support for taking the actuarial exams? If anyone knows the answers I would be grateful to hear from you.


I was wondering about the exact same things as you. I applied for the same role and got to the first interview, emailed them and was told that I should apply for their actuarial trainee apprentice scheme, ever though i’m a graduate. I don’t think they support the exams under this role, but probably on the other. i don’t think it’s open yet.


At the beginning of the grad programme, I believe they won’t allocate you to a specific role just yet, but move you to different sectors so you can experience a variety.


Hi, Has anyone had any video interviews with Aviva? I have one on Tuesday and have no idea what to expect for each of the core values. Could someone kindly help share their experience? Thank you!


I have it next Monday. 3 introductory Q’s then 4 competency based, right?


How long did you they keep you waiting between telling you that you are through to video interview stage and giving you the details to complete it? Video interviews are usually speaking to your web-cam in reply to a pre-recorded set of questions. Is yours at a set time? If so it sounds like you will be talking to a person. I would prepare the usual “why Aviva”, “why acuarial” and “tell us about a time when you have …” competency style questions.


Yes it seems so. I’m slightly unsure as to what the competencies can be. I know it will be around their core values and not sure which questions are relevant to it.


i had to wait for around 2 weeks before I got a call to arrange for the video interview


Basically, competency questions allow them to analyse what sort of person you are. Research on their core values and start thinking about how your past experience showcase your suitability to their values; this could range from your part-time, what you did at university etc. Go to Target Jobs, they have a lengthy explanation of what you should expect: https://targetjobs.co.uk/careers-advice/interview-types/275367-competence-based-interviews


I was wondering if anybody was applying for Aviva Investors? I am only interested in the Aviva Investors business area, would it be more appropriate for me to apply to the Aviva Investors Internship Programme? And as I have graduated already would I be eligible for this programme?


I did a digital interview with Aviva for its Global Graduate Scheme today and just flagging up what you may expect. The interviewer was 10 minutes late due to previous interviews running over, but other than that there weren’t any blips. The interviewer asked me 3 introductory questions and 4 competency based. If I remember correctly, she asked me the following (not in chronological order and not word-for-word): Why did you apply to Aviva? Tell me about yourself. Why did you choose your degree? Competency q’s: tell me a time when you had to change a process or a normal procedure in order to achieve a better result. Then she focussed on the company’s core values: Kill Complexity: what did you do in your job that aided customers to attain their goal? Create legacy: what did you do in the past that has influenced your actions today? There’s also one more in regards to Care More, but I forgot what the Q is. Hope it helps.


Hey, I had the same interview a couple weeks ago but have not heard anything back yet - have you been given a decision? :slight_smile:


I didn’t get through. Best of luck :slight_smile:


Does anyone have an assessment day coming up for Aviva grad scheme?


I haven’t heard from them yet. When did they let you know you were through to the next stage?

Good luck :slight_smile:


I got this in an email from them one week ago,
“I wanted to follow up on my previous email and let you know that we are now fully booked for our 3 UK-based Assessment Centres taking place over the next 2 weeks. With that in mind your application is currently “on hold” until we have the results from these Assessment Days, which is likely to be week commencing 7th December.”
But I am through to the assessment centre stage with three other companies.


has anyone had an assessment day in london?


So will there be a rejection email? Or is it one of those where only shortlisted candidates will be notified?