Aviva Global Graduate Program 2018



Hey, I’m the same as Shannon - they said they would send me something in writing in the ‘next few days’. Is anyone else in the London office?


Did you go to the London assessment centre?


Nope, went to the one in Norwich


sound, congrats hard to get the job like 1/5 chance


Has anyone who attended the York assessment centre heard back yet?


I haven’t heard anything yet! :(… Was it good news?
Thanks for your reply x


So can we conclude those who have heard back already have been successful, and those who haven’t been notified yet are unsuccessful?


Guys anyone from London’s assessment heard back yet?


No not as of yet


Who has heard back yet?


has anyone received their written contract yet?


i got an email saying i would hear from them with more info about the job as soon as possible


Thanks it really helped me, you are very kind


Is anyone going to be working at York?


I am quite lucky to have been offered a graduate position at a number of companies, my top two are at Deloitte and Aviva Investors. Deloitte: Graduate Business Tax Advisory in London. CTA and ACA qualifications in the 3 year programme. Aviva Investors: First year in London working in the CEO’s office, second year is a placement abroad. No professional exams. 2 year programme. I’m really struggling to pick between the two. Aviva sounds great because of the senior exposure and international placement in emerging economies such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Deloitte is Deloitte, I’m not sure what the career progression in terms of salary and future prospects is (I don’t see myself working in Tax for longer than the 3 year graduate programme).

If any of you guys can give suggestions about what to pick, or what factors to consider in the long-run, I’d be grateful! :slight_smile:


I’ve just heard back today and was successful… however the job offer is in Norwich. With me and my partner just buying a house in Nottingham it just isn’t feasible. Trying to get moved but don’t know how lienent they are???


Does everyone get offered the same salary? E


Yes think so


What’s your actual role at Aviva? Been offered both Deloitte & Aviva too


Has anyone received an email from an unknown email asking for back groun checks to be completed?