Aviva Global Graduate Program 2018



I got a call on Tuesday to say I’ve been invited to an assessment centre, so hopefully you guys will hear soon!


hey Shannon, which office did you apply to? also congrats!


I applied for the UK programme, but I didn’t have to choose a particular office as far as I’m aware :slight_smile: Thanks!


Just to let everyone know I just spoke to someone about the assessment centre and they said they are still going through applications and could be another few weeks before people hear. Hope this helps.


I just heard back today, hopefully they will be updating everyone soon!


Can you please tell me when is the AC that they invited you ?


Which interview was this for?


Hello guys, anyone received feedback from the Aviva’s global graduate assesment centre?


Not yet, I was told I would hear on the 2nd March.


Anyone know what the salary is for the UK programme?


Yeah same so we are just waiting


I found out yesterday that I got the job!!! Hope you guys hear good news soon :slight_smile:


Congratulations. Did you attend the London assessment?


Hey Shannon, congratulations! I got a call from them the other day too saying that I got the job! Did they tell you when they weren’t gonna email all the information over? I was in such shock I forgot to ask haha :slight_smile:


Hey mate congratulations. Did you attend as well the London assesment ? I’m still waiting to get to me


When was your assessment? Mine was on 20th at 13:00


Did the other candidates from your assessment got response? From mine are still waiting


My assessment centre was 6th Feb in Norwich! And they just said on the phone that they’d send something in writing, so I assumed they meant in the post :slight_smile: Haven’t had anything in an email yet anyway!


Did they tell you what location you’ll be working in? :slight_smile:


Ah okay thank you! I’ll be working in York, what about yourself?