Aviva Global Graduate Program 2018



Hello All,
I have applied for the GGP for 2018 and have completed the tests and passed the video interview. Has anyone else done this and invited to Assessment centre? (i think it is a half day one)


Hi , how soon after your video interview did you find out if you’d Passed/ Failed


Hi Everyone,

I have been invited to the Assessment Centre, email says it’ll be in January 2018.


Was a couple of weeks after the video interview.


Hi I recently got an email saying i had passed the video interview stage but they were still considering me for the assessment centre? Not sure if that means I’ve made it to the next stage or not but has anyone got an actual invite? My email just says selection will take place on the 8th of Jan and someone will be in contact soon regarding whether I’ve been invited to the assessment centre half day or not.


Hi James,
i can see that you have already done the video interview and passed it.
please could you help what questions to expect.


Has anyone heard back yet?


Nothing yet


nope not yet


I did the video interview on the 27th of December. Haven’t heard back yet.


Hello, do you have any advice for the video interview questions? Thanks in advance
I appied for the Graduate Programme in Milan for 2018.


Hello and nice to meet you, do you have any info on the video interview questions? Thanks in advance

I applied for the Graduate Programme in MIlan


Hello, the interview consist of 10 questions, in which you are asked 1- to talk about what you enjoy doing in your spare time, 2- how would you approach a large set of data confidently when drawing conclusions; 3- how to do suggest making a change at work when you find an easier way of doing a task. 4- a time you have able to identify an area that you felt needed to be developed, 5- do you agree that networking does not benefit job performance. 6- how would friend and family describe you as someone who thinks about the impact their decisions have on those around them. 7- how would you deal with a difficult customer. 8- do you agree to place people under pressure to get the best out of them. i forgot the last ones but i think its about your work environment and presenting difficult information. i hope this will help and good luck.


Has anyone heard anything?


Anyone heard anything?


Guys has anyone heard anything for the AC? I was thinking to contact them


I was thinking of contacting them too


Did you contact them? I contacted them last week and they just replied with the email about them having a large number of applicants.


Aviva emailed me about a week or two ago saying that there has been a delay in applications as they received alot of them this year and are still considering each one. My guess is that we would only hear from them in the beginning of Feb earliest.


So I guess most of the candidates haven’t heard back. Why it’s taking so long