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Hi guys,

ls anybody attending any assessment centre for Aviva in the near future or has anyone attended one in the past?

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Hi Nick, Plss I wld luv to knw hw the telephone interview that u passd b4 d assesment went… I have mine soon for the IT Business and Change Graduate program


.Hello ArsenalFC,

I had an email that they want to chat informally for 20 min. Is that the actual telephone interview?
My email actually says its not an telephone interview.

Is that how it went for you?

my prog: IT & Business Change.

If you had attended the interview, could you please explain me what kind of qustions were there?



yea exactly xtreemneo, hw was it? I shd have mine in some hrs time… what are the questns that u wia asked…


In few hours!, Good luck!
They asked me a date for the “Informal Chat” and I have given them today!!

OMG, I have prepared on few questions posted on some threads.
But, Honestly, I searched internet and left no stones unturned.

I don’t seem to find a bit more information about the questions or the scheme…

Could you tell me whom did you recieve the email from?
Mine is Clare and Janet!

If I have mine earlier, I will definetly tell you!


Clare n Janet too…wat time r u having urs… I told them 4 pm n they av not gotten back to me yet if they are comfortable with the time…


Where are you based, UK?! It’s 08:20 in the morning.
They open by 09 or probably by 10.

I have told them to ring me anytime! (how stupid I was, lol)
I thought as it is just an informal chat, let them decide their better time to call me.
Well, job searching is my job right now. So sitting with my phone is not bane to me.:slight_smile:

So me thinks, if you got the mail from the same person, probably they will align the timing approximately in the afternoon.

I dunno how many of us are there and how many has opted in for today’s date.

I will let you know ASAP if I get first!

Ps) they haven’t got back to me as well.



kk cool… UK yes



Unfortunately, mine got rescheduled to Monday 28th November.

I just received an email from them. How about you?
Have you been informed anything at all by them?



Have you completed the interview ArsenalFC?

Could you please let me know what questions were there? Is that a telephone interview?


she just asked me why Aviva n why IT? she also collected info on what I have been doing since I left school n all my result details. she said they will get back to me in a month’s time… that was just it. Good Luck maan but bear in mind that urs might be diff


Great, I hope everything turns out fine for you!
Thank you very much for the information,

You know this is the very first direct insight am getting.



My first telephone int. … She said its not an interview… But i can feel it is… She added a lot of notes to my application…

I had a lot stutter over the phone… I just feel stupid now…

Well… Have you heard anything yet? She said they will get back to us it could be even by Jan…

fingers crossed!


hi guys,

I have been through telephone interview as well and been informed they will get back to me after new year … the lady I spoke to said she is going to pass on my details to the higher-ups or some business dept (did not know what it meant) … anyone heard from them yet after telephone interview ?

Scheme : IT & business change


HI Guys…

I have the telephonic Interview next week for IT n BC Scheme… can any1 pls let me know wat to expect in the call?


hey Q123,

nothing to worry about … if you could do your research on Aviva and know why you want to get into this scheme should be easy !!


Hey Sathya… Thanks… Did u get any reply from them after the interview??


Dear friends,
Good morning to ALL.

I am new to this forum and I would like to know the type of question they ask in telephonic interview. Today being the last day to apply for graduate scheme, I have applied for Insurance and Business management scheme.

Can someone please share their experience they had during telephonic interview and some tips to prepare for the same ?

Kind Regards,


HI Q123, Thanks for your suggestions. Will there be any questions related to Aviva’s competitors, core competencies of Aviva, their dynamic capabilities and anything related to Aviva’s future plan and their strategic planning ??