Autoscreening in HR



I was wondering if anyone had worked in HR or knows the initial screening processes that they carry out when receiving application forms, especially for big firms where they have large numbers of applicants.

I’m interested in a career in Engineering (oil/gas mainly) or some finance jobs (research/investment management similarities to my PhD)
I’m just finishing a PhD in fluid mechanics, at a top five uni. Before that I just missed a distinction in a Mechanical Eng. masters at the same university, but it was good enough to get offered several PhDs by various departments at the university in multiple subjects not just engineering. Before my MSc I gained a year work experience in project Engineering. However before that I had a crap time of it and just missed my 2.1 Bachelors in Manufacturing Eng. at another university.

My question when they see the 2.2 on a cv or application form is do they instantly reject you? When they say 2.1 or equivalent surely I’ve met that equivalent? or am I being presumptuous and I do not fit their requirements? Should I not put my grades on my cv/application form if I can help it?

I have only put one application in so far and that was to a major oil company and it got rejected straight away. Giving the speed of response It seems unlikely anyone read the whole thing as it was a really long application form compared to the others I have seen, and unfortunately the way it was structured the bachelors is the very first thing on the form. I had my reservations as when I rang their hotline “I was asked what grade I was expecting in my PhD?” it seemed to me their application wasn’t considered on a personal basis.

thankyou for any advice