Auditing or Conslutancy?


Hey Everyone,

I really Need help from professionals. I am a fresh graduate with a MSc degree in Finance and Investment. It has been 6 month searching for a job in my field. However, all vacancies seem to require either professional experience , or its different from my study path. Meanwhile, I got a job offer from Deloitte for a Audit assistant position. I have some questions whereby I need your help and tips:

  1. I am wondering is it wrong to start such a career in Auditing while I am mainly focused on Finance on the long run?
  2. Is it possible to shift from auditor to consultant when a vacancy sheds light at Deloitte ? Will they accept such a request ?
  3. Will I be able to apply for a financial analyst position or a Consultant position later on in different organization? Will they consider Auditing experience as a relative experience to their job vacancy.