Auditing at any of the big firms


Hi, I have offers from a few of the big (top 6 or so) auditing firms (GT, E&Y etc.)

However I was wondering whether anyone knew how much travelling (to clients etc) is involved in your first year?

My offers are all for London offices, so does that mean I will be traveling (if required) to clients in the London region? (people in b’ham offices cover b’ham region, manchester does manchester region and so on.)

Or is the London office simply my ‘base’ as it were and i could still find myself all over the country?



I’m not sure about different companies but with KPMG it seems like if you are based in london then you will stay in london. I’m in a regional office so i do quite a bit of traveling in my area but public transport in london should suffice for you. very unlikely you will go much further (particularly with big 4) since they will have other regional offices to take care of outside london. i’m sure there is more than enough business in london. hope this helps!