Audit to Transaction Services/ Advisory/ Consulting


Anonymous question:

I have started the audit graduate scheme in PwC, how easy is it to switch departments to move to advisory or something more commercial?


To answer for the forum:

Hi. So it is absolutely possible to switch departments from audit to advisory; however you have to wait until you are fully qualified. Otherwise, there is risk you won’t complete all the necessary hours of work experienced required to complete the ACA. You wouldn’t want that after going through all of the exams! Have your partner sign off your hours and then you can second/ transfer to other departments.

It is good to express your interest in this early and look on the internal careers website for roles. Also, use your contacts. Ask your more senior team members if they know any one in the area you want to move in to - 9 times out of 10 they will! Then you can meet them for coffee and network. I moved across from audit to corporate finance and I did this by casually networking over coffee and also through official interview. However, by the time I got to interview, they already knew me and my experience, so I was in a good position and it was more of a casual chat!

Final note - This move is quite competitive, so stay on the ball and look out for opportunities!

Good luck! I hope this helps.