Audit to advisory


Hi, I need to start applying for grad schemes and I was considering advisory or audit but advisory seems more fitting to me BUT I keep reading everywhere that its harder to get into and that its better to apply for audit and then try to transfer over. So questionsss

  • Has anyone actually transferred from audit to advisory after gettin the qualification?
  • How likely is this route, as in how many people use get to make the transfer?
  • Do people suggest going from audit to adivsory or just applying for advisory straight away?

Im considering financial advisory - performance imrpovement/business restructuring

Thanks in advance for any advice!!


Advisory is far more interesting and less monotonous than auditing.
If you want to branch into financial advisory or work at a bank after your training, i would advise u to go the advisory route… Being able to audit Unilever’s revenue really wouldnt make sense if you wanted to go that route.

Most people switch to advisory reason being you’ll actually have a life…and youll look forward to going to work everyday