Audit positions in London - 2009


Just thought I’d ask people if they had any idea about how full audit positions are in London for 2009 - particularly the big 4. Had a pretty busy October, and didnt think I was leaving it too late to apply now but looks like a few are full already (E&Y + BDO). I realize everyone else is probably in the same boat as me information-wise, but thought i’d check as the firms aren’t really too informative about numbers filled. Hope i haven’t missed the boat!


I feel the same way, Darthreb. If i am correct, audit positions for graduates in London opened up at some places quite early, like in August or September the latest, so it’s not surprising that the majority are getting filled up pretty soon, esp in London and agains the backdrop of current market conditions. I received an email from BDO last week, telling me that they stopped hiring for business assurance, while the website was still showing available vacancies. And they say integrity is one of their core values. Yeah, right.


kpmg is full. as far as i know, they opened hiring from july!