Audit or Advisory?


Hi there,

I’m contemplating whether to apply to the Big 4 offices for Audit or Advisory (Recovery/Reorganisation) and I would very much appreciate someone’s insight on this. Reading through this subforum I mostly see posts on audit but not much on R&R, so I compiled a few questions :slight_smile: Here they go:

  • which job is more interesting/intellectually stimulating during the first 3 years as an ACA trainee?
  • which one demands the most travelling?
  • is it equally competitive to get into both service lines (in London)?
  • are the opportunities after I complete my ACA the same for both lines? / which one is more “prestigious”?
  • would it be possible to switch, perhaps later on, from Audit to R&R and vice versa?
  • which service line offers more teamwork?
  • salary wise, is there a big difference and how does it look in the long run?

I guess that’s about it- but any additional information would be greatly appreciated about the general pros and cons of each choice.

Thanks so much for your time and input.

  • Both of them involve basic trainee work but audit is very repetitive, recovery is likely to be more varied

  • I am not sure about recovery but audit requires you to go to client sites and do your auditing at their sites

  • Nationwide audit tends to have more vacancies

  • If you want to progress up through the firm then you will take different paths but their is opportunity to switch between service lines

  • If you want to move into industry audit would be slightly better but not significantly

  • The prestige from having gone to big4 is prestige enough doesn’t matter too much about service line

  • It is possible to switch and you take the same exams but the on-job training is different so it might take time to settle in/you will need to justify why you want to switch - generally they don’t let you change service lines during the training contract

  • Not sure on teamwork but I would guess it is similar between both of them

  • I know audit generally gets less than tax in the start I think recovery will be a bit higher in the start aswell, long term things will even out

Recovery is considered a specialist field whilst audit is considered more general broader business training


*Not Intellectually Challenging
*Lots of travel to see clients and work at their office
*Easy to get into- loads of vacancies

*Very interesting work
*Very little travel- most work done in the office
*Very difficult to get into- extremely competitive, usually requires a very strong degree (even if they don’t say so!)

Hope this helps!