Audit interaction with other teams (Big4)


Anonymous Question:

How often do the graduates in Audit at the Big4 interact with other teams around the firm? I understand the role is client facing so you get a lot of external interaction, but is there lots of opportunity for internal networking outside your specific team?


To answer for the forum:

Audit is a greta place to be in for internal networking and team interaction. Primarily, you will be liasiing with your immediate audit team and your clients. However, depending on the area you will be liaising regularly with:

  • The Risk Assurance team: they help understanding and testing the automated and IT dependent manual controls of the audit. Basically, they reduce your workload if you work with them well! They test controls that you can rely on!
  • The Reg team: especially now, there are lots of regulatory changes and uncertainty in the market
  • The Valuations team: if you are working on an IB. These guys will test product valuations for you

Depending on the nature and needs of the client - the list goes on! If you are interested in networking and understanding different areas of the firm, be pro-active! You can push yourself into different areas and use your contacts and existing knowledge to improve the audit.

Good luck!