Audit industry lines at PwC London


Hi, I was just wondering about the different types of Audit industry sectors (groups) available at PwC London. I obtained the following from another forum but I haven’t been able to find more information from the PwC website.

[INDENT]Dude if you go through the PwC website, there are different business streams within Assurance. If you are applying, you have the opportunity of choosing Assurance or any of the other specialist service lines within Assurance for example Public Services, London Middle Market, Pensions Audit etc. You should know this, you might be asked at the interview.[/INDENT]

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Yep, here we go:

Audit in London is split into two distinct sections, being financial services and others, where financial services is the audit of financial services companies, e.g. insurance, banks and investment managers.

The departments are as follows:
[]Insurance & Investment Management (I&IM)
]Banking & Capital Markets (B&CM)
[]Technology, Information Communication and Entertainment (TICE)
]Consumer Industrial Products and Services (CIPS)
London Middle Markets (LMM) is for mid sized companies, whereas the above are for larger companies.

If you would like to know more about any particular service line, or what it is like to work in it, do ask!


Thanks, that’s great! By the way, I was wondering, what are your opinions on the various industry lines in London? Does the audit work in london differ from other regional offices, apart from having more industry lines?


Yes it varies massively. Audit in london is a lot more work than it is in other offices, primarily because the clients are much larger and so more regulation is involved.

The longest hours and most technical work is on financial services, which is of course highly regulated. In some respects, this is also the most mundane work because it is ALL paperwork; there are no factories to see, no stock to count etc. Just paper and spreadsheets.

You get paid the same in all lines of service (unless you are a partner where it might vary).


Do you happen to know much about London Middle Markets and Risk Assurance services?

I’ve got an interview for a dual role combining these two! Unfortunately theres not too much info on these units!!



Yeah London Middle Markets (LMM) for short is for services of mid-sized clients. Most of PwC London’s clients are very large companies-but London Middle Markets focusses on mid-sized companies- say 200 employees.

Risk Assurance Services, or RAS for short (pronounced ‘RAZ’) is a specialised form of audit which includes additional training for detailed checking of internal controls (Control | WikiJob). This is particularly for computer controls, such as checking of passwords and security systems.

RAS usually work alongside the standard audit team to offer support when performing audit on these controls.



Probably a silly question but is it possible to work with London Middle Markets (LMM) clients whilst based in regional offices like Gatwick or Uxbridge?