audit commission interview - tommorrow


can anyone please help of what to expect / what questions they ask etc… my interview is 2mrw morning!!! your help would be much appreciated… its my first round interview… thank you!!


?? anyone please?


Are you up to speed with [[commercial awareness]] stuff like PwC/KPMG audit failures… Madoff, Satyam… etc…?



over on another thread I went through my experience of it back in the summer. Here is my comment on the first interview:

A couple of days later I was invited to attend a first-round interview in their Bristol office, this was mostly competency based, so the usual questions around “give an example of…”, but also why the Audit Commission, what makes Audit Commission different from audit in a practice (i.e. Big4), and also a question around any current issues impacting the public-sector organisations you might be auditing and how they might impact on the audits. So read up a bit on what they do, some examples of the organisations they audit, current public-sector issues, maybe read one of their audit reports to understand the sort of work they actually do.

There is more over here []

hope that helps,



thanx guys and ucayman

i passed my interview and been invited to a assessment centre, any experiences with this part of the process anyone?

your help will be very much appreciated



What was your interview like?


okay here it goes…

the interview last around 45 minutes and contained competency based questions such as tell me about a time when you work towards challenging deadlines or something like that…

they ask me why audit commission
ask me about what i think a auditor does

emm cant remember much… if i remember anything else il make sure i mention it on this…