Audit Commission Competencies


Hey - this may seem daff, but what competencies are the audit commission looking for in their grad positions? I cannot seem to locate them on their website. Also, I understand from reading the other threads that they will ask questions around these competencies, but I wanted to know what other questions can I expect to be asked?


Hi Zak,

What i suggest is you actually look through the application form, which whill give you the answers to the questions. Other than tht has anyone heard back in regards to applications for the Audit Commission yet?


I haven’t heard anything either - the website says interviews would be held mid November…

I applied a few weeks back, how about you?


I applied a few months ago, but got an email n the 4th stating they are reviewing my application? But still am yet to here anything.


Hey - I applied about a month ago and they took a couple of weeks and then send me a link to do online tests which I did a couple of weeks back too. Since then I have not heard anything. I am beginning to worry.


you should try and email them. at least yo got invited to take the tests.


Hey, I also applied in Nov and they only just got back to me yesterday about doing online tests. Just wondered whether you had any tips for them. Are they SHL ones or any more difficult compared to other company’s?


Usually it depends on the firm/company than the provider

as KPMG are hard but other tests by the same provider are easier

SHL has a practice website


I have been invited to the assesment centre…has anyone else heard anything back? I have no idea what to expect!


Hey Econ4life, when was your interview? I had one over the phone last week due to the snow, told me they’d get back to me in 2-3 weeks, how long before they got back to you? And congrats on getting to the AC.


Heyy! Thank you soo much! Mine was last week on the 6th of jan. I almost had a phone interview but luckily trains where running. How did your phone interview go?? I honestly thought i messd up the main interview…you should expect to hear from the soon!


I thought the interview went ok, couple of things I wish I had been stronger on, like when the interviewer asked me a bit about the NHS, since I had bought it up, but I didn’t feel I answered great. The competencies seemed fine though. I had hoped to have been able to go in rather than just over the phone, don’t feel you can make the same impression, but hopefully they’ll take that into account. Did you ask them if you could go in, or did they just say that it was ok to come in? I was thinking of asking, but I assumed that they weren’t going to have the interviewers on site due to the snow, and didn’t pursue it. Also, did they call you to tell you that you had made it to the AC, or just email?


i applied for this programme over three weeks ago. however havent heard back yet. does it take this long?

btw do they speed up your application if you choose to work anywhere in the UK rather then your chosen regions?


Hi Econ4life,

Congrats on getting to the assessment centre, do you know when are they starting the first batch of selection via ac.

Also anyone who has done the numercial & verbal test, is it similar to the shl format???


Sorry guys hve been bogged down with exams…they emailed me about confirmation of the AC…have any of you guys heard back yet?? The online tests arent like the ones for the banking and big4 accounting firms…there slightly more straightforward but i cant rmember the names…they ask for non verbal reasoning. In terms of ac dates i got given a choice between today and tomorrow lol but they will definately have some later on. Hope that helps guys!


I made it to the AC… Have to go up to Warwick next week though, bit far for me (I’m based in London), but I don’t want to wait around for more dates, get it done soon as possible. Seems we will have to do the Numerical and Verbal tests again, but like Econ4Life said, they seemed more straight forward than the others I’ve done. Has anyone been through this process before? Any information on the sort of things likely to be expected for the group, role play and case study exercises? Anyone else heard anything back?


Had my interview on the 6th January in London which I thought went well, but I’m kinda worried that I haven’t heard back yet as you two seem to have already. Rang them up today and they said that I should hear back by friday, so I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing.

Do you guys know what will be in the AC?




Hey guys congratulations for making it to the interview and AC. I have to do the online tests soon. Can anyone advise me on what the tests are like? Are they the same format as SHL (i.e multiple choice)? Any help will be much appreciated!


RZ, just completed the online tests, dont worry about it just go in and do the practice questions. As the others have said, it is the most straight forward test you could do.