Audit Commission assessment centre


Anyone been through the assessment centre for the audit commission?? I’ve got it coming up soon and not too sure what to expect. Any ideas or tips will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.





No specific info on this from me - although I expect you will have a [[group exercise]], [[aptitude tests]] and a [[written exercise]] - see also [[assessment centre]].

If you call HR and ask them to describe the make up of the [[assessment centre]] and then come back to me, I can help you a bit more.

Did you have an interview before the assessment centre? A telephone interview? Did you have online aptitude tests, etc?!

Good luck!


lila, and anyone else interested. Below I go through my experience of the whole process from applying to the assessment centre.

I went through the Audit Commission process, unsuccessfully, during the summer, so my knowledge of it may help but it might have changed.
After submitting my application, I was invited to take online numerical and verbal reasoning tests, nothing out of the ordinary with those (possibly SHL?? but done so many I can’t remember).

A couple of days later I was invited to attend a first-round interview in their Bristol office, this was mostly competency based, so the usual questions around “give an example of…”, but also why the Audit Commission, what makes Audit Commission different from audit in a practice (i.e. Big4), and also a question around any current issues impacting the public-sector organisations you might be auditing and how they might impact on the audits. So read up a bit on what they do, some examples of the organisations they audit, current public-sector issues, maybe read one of their audit reports to understand the sort of work they actually do.

Four days later I was invited to a final stage assessment centre at a hotel near Heathrow. This was a busy but not too long a day, finishing around 3:30. The day consisted of a second interview, group exercise, written exercise and a role play exercise.
The interview was again mostly competency-based, I don’t remember any surprises.
The group exercise was based around a group of four needing to decide on a course of action and compose a press release, this was based on a scenario where the group were part of a local council, and the replacement of their office building, each member of the group got a different piece of information to share.
For the written exercise you had a case study to read through, and you had to write a report detailing what you see as the main issues and how they could be resolved, there was also a summary set of accounts (P+L and B/S) which had errors to be identified in (missing numbers, headings etc.) but I don’t think it was necessary to have studied any accounting, fairly common sense. Time was an issue, as always with these exercises, but as long as you don’t get carried away and spend too long on reading the case study you should be ok.
Finally, I had a role-play exercise, which was based around the same organisation as the case study, but with much less information (no knowledge of the written exercise was needed, although it would have helped to do the written first). I got preparation time to review the information provided, and prepare some questions in advance of the one-on-one ‘meeting’. In the meeting part, you have to be prepared to ask difficult questions and you will find they may be semi-aggressive (“why should I answer to you?!”) and a general reluctance to provide information willingly.

At lunchtime we ate in the hotel’s restaurant, but there was no opportunity to speak to any graduates on the programme, only the HR guy.

Hope that is of some help in mentally preparing yourself. There really isn’t much preparation you can do in terms of reading up etc.

Good luck, hopefully you do better than me :wink:


hey guys… i got an interview coming up in a fu days… any advice would be greatful. thank you :slight_smile:


I got an interview in a week, any advice?


hey ucayman, was wondering if theres any more info you can give me on the AC i have one coming very soon, did you read thru the whole Case study? what exactly did u have to do in the group exercise? and u mentioned a bit about the role play… but it seems like you just had another interview.thanks for the previous post was very helpful. would be great if you could help me. Thank you x


I still haven’t had a yes or no after submitting my application…! Is anyone else in the same situation?


i have an assessment centre which i have to book ojnline it says only date available is 10th, and Scarman House which is near birmingham at 8.30am

im outside of london! should i wait to see if another date becomes free with a location near heathrow or book this one?



for the case study I always read through the whole thing, usually putting a star next to what I deem most important, and I also like to put little thoughts on the side of the page to help me write it up (i.e. segregation of duties is needed for this role, to improve they could do X etc)

The group exercise was to work together to make a decision for and come up with a press release for a local council who needed to expand into bigger offices but there were concerns about wildlife, impact on community, cost etc. But it is probably a different group exercise now (mine was in the summer).

The role play was based on another case study, and I had to come up with questions and improvement ideas in the preparation time… during the one-to-one role play part I had to ask them various questions about why something happened, what they did, and how they were improving things. But again is probably a bit different.
Also had another interview that was separate.

hope that helps and good luck,



You could give them a call or email, and see if they have another A/C planned in the near future. If you are worried about getting there on the morning due to distance… Then don’t, as they will put you up in a hotel the night before…



Yay iv finally had an email inviting me to online tests! Seems iam a few weeks behind!

How are you getting on Ucayman and kkhimji2001? Have you guys heard back?


there was one assessment centre in Coventry early Feb which I did not book, there are some more dates coming out in March, hopefully one near London!


Hey guys,

I have my interview on friday and I genuinely really really want to work for them! However I am rubbish at interviews so any further advice would really be much appreciated. Are there any other q.s apart from competency ones like the common team work/problem solving/communication questions, as well as why audit commission and what do you think ul be doing? And do you definitely not re-sit the tests?

Thanking you with anticipation!


kkhimji2001, I think I came accross that same a/c date, didn’t book it and now I’ve been waiting ages for another available date! have you been able to book a slot yet?


I got an email today saying new dates have been released but logged onto account and nothing solat, we should definately talk about it beforehand, you know if any are in london?


i received that email today aswell. I was able to get on and book a slot but none that I saw were in or around london. The two available at the time were in Warwickshire. I don’t think theres much chance of a London one so will probably need to make do with what they have. I have been told that they can put people up in a hotel the night before if need be but this is something I will need to look into.


oh ok well i should booked one before in coventry in feb as i waited for one to be near london… let me know if you see any availability


oh ok well i should booked one before in coventry in feb as i waited for one to be near london… let me know if you see any availability


i called AC today and it is unlikely that they will release dates for London. I have booked it for 19th and was told the same thing about accomodation