Audit Choice Debate


Hi there,

I was just reading up on the audit choice debate, and was thinking whether or not this happens to be a bit of a taboo subject amongst the Big 4 firms. Would I be ill advised to discuss this topic at interview?

Thanks in advance.



I don’t think so. It’s a fair debate to be had- you just need to make sure you are careful. The whole point of the audit choice debate is that it is a potential criticiism of the {[big 4]]'s audit quality. Of course, for the puposes of interview, the firm to which you are applying has great audit quality- so be aware of what you imply.


Discussing any issues effecting audit shows that you have done your research and are aware of your industry, which is a good thing. But like Chris says, although it is good to be aware of all industry issues, you must always take the side of the employer - never criticise the firm you are applying to!


It’s worth pointing out that the audit choice debate is quite an advanced topic really. Demonstrate an understanding but if you’re probed about it it’s best to respond with “I don’t know”- remember that the interviewing partner will probably know far more about it than you ever will- you are trying to demonstrate that you are aware and have an understanding of these issues, not impress them with you knowledge or be a know-it-all.