Audit ACA vs Technology Consulting



I can’t decide between Audit ACA and Technology Consulting as my graduate job. Can anyone give an insight and comparison of the roles in terms of:

typical day,
pay (during and after the scheme),
progression and external job opportunities,
etc etc.

Both would be with KPMG.

Many thanks


Hi there,

These roles are considerably different and open fairly different doors after the graduate schemes. I would have a think about what you want to do long term (if you have an idea).

  • Main difference to note is that with audit you will gain the ACA qualification and with consulting you usually do not
  • Typical day for audit (let’s assume around busy season) will be at the client site, working on the audit of (essentially ensuring the financial statements are fair and reasonable) for one specific part of a company, dependent on what you have been assigned. You will be gathering data and evidence from the client and working on testing the data - you are really in the detail (numbers/ systems) the first few years and have lots of communication with the client. Consulting, the first few years you may spend some time at the client, but probably not as much as audit until you get a little bit more senior. You will spend your day either helping preparing for pitches to win clients or if you already have secured the client you will spend your time working within the detail - how can the company be improved from a tech perspective, looking at systems etc. You will work project to project in consulting, so it is a little harder to predict your hours and busy times etc.

I hope this is a little helpful. In terms of job opportunities afterwards - your two options are very different but both create lots of opportunity post grad scheme. Think about your next steps and then work backwards.

Good luck!