ATT and Global Employer Services - Employment Consulting Opportunities


Hello guys,

I have an interview coming up with Deloitte for a role in Global Employer Services - Employment Consulting Opportunities. I am not sure what this involves other that what they have said on their website. If anyone could help and provide any additional information I would be grateful. I have tried looking but not much has come up.

From their site:
You’ll help provide consulting and tax expertise on employer remuneration and executive pay issues.
As a result, you be involved in setting how much employees and executives should be paid, the structure of the remuneration package (performance-related incentives such as share schemes) and tax-efficient spending on employees.
You’ll find the work rewarding, too. It feels good to affect individuals’ lives in such a positive way. We also work closely with our clients to design and implement commercial, innovative and tax-efficient approaches to compensating employees, and to ensure they remain compliant with constantly-changing employment tax rules.
Our widely-varied client base includes listed multi-nationals, private equity houses, investment banks, premiership football clubs and entertainers.

Also, I’m trying to find out about the ATT but I find their website quite unhelpful. If anyone has a summary of the key points of the ATT qualification that they would like to share please could you send it or put it here. I am willing to help you with interview questions and other information that you need! Thanks a lot.





Hi, just wondering how it went? And if possible can you share some information about the interviews? Thanks!