Atos Origin Telephone Interview


Hello Fellow Wiki users,

I am preparing for my FIRST telephone interview with Atos Origin next week. I read all the posts here and I am amazed at all the useful feedback people are getting, so here goes my questions.

Has anyone been through the Atos Origin graduate application process, if yes please let me know what the telephone interview was like… was it cometency based …extra

I am most worried about the question they will ask about the company itself and want to come across knowledgable…ofcourse the Atos Origin website is my second online home after facebook…lol…but how can i take it one step further?

thank you.


Hey there…

Im in the exact same position as you sa_gal

Looking at the date you posted your above comment it would seem you’ve had your interview by now?

If so firstly hope it went well
Secondly would you kindly let me know the layout and questions you wer asked etc

Also if anyone else has had the Atos Origin telephone interview it would be much appreciated



Thanks ever so much… very useful advice…
lol hope to see u at assessment centre



hey deebo452,

how did the interview go?



Could anyone help me with telephonic interview questions for ATOS Origin pease?


hi sjt1122,

hope ur doing ok. when is ur telephone interview?


hi Blah,

mine is tomorrow, what about you? have any inputs reg the interview?


hey do u have facebook this is my friends account and i have to get off.


fwd me your id, i shall add you


hey sjt1122,

how long have u been waiting for a interview?


i did the aptitude test last week, got a reply that I have cleared it in 2 days time and then today i got the invite for a tel interview,

have you done the interview, whats the current status?


i did my aptitude test way back in jan and my telephone interview a month ago which a passed and waiting for a decision on whether am through to the assesement centre. for ur interview it the standard things; know atos origin well, know their service lines, competency question will come up also …wen hav u lead a team etc.

I was wndering why they were taking so long to decide …but if ur still doing ur telephone interview must mean that there are still ppl doing it …


hey, thanks for the info, they still have’nt published a deadline for the closing the application process, so i guess the process is pretty much alive, so that could be one of the reasons for the delay

you could mail them at or call them at 01635 584136 to know if you re curious.


Has anyone applied to the 2010 Atos Grad Programme? I just passed my phone interview and I’m being considered for the Assessment Centre.


hey jagode can you shed some light on the questions that you were asked in your telephone interview please as i have one coming up very soon! Any questions that you can remember and any non obvious tips u have would be brilliant. thanx!





I know you attended the assessment center some time ago, can you remember what they assessed and how long it lasted? I haven’t attended an assessment center before? Thank you


hey velvetpigeon,

I have my AC on the 26th Jan, technical scheme, when is yours?


HEYYY has anyone had a telephone interview for atos origin? what competency q’s do they ask??