Atos graduate scheme 2018



Thought we could all help eachother on here.

Ive been invited to the video interview, applied for the business stream,

Anyone know what sort of questions are asked? I am actually really nervous!!


Hope your interview went well! Could you offer some help with whats asked? mines this week


I will be posting once I have done it. Goodluck! When are you hoping to do yours if you dont mind me asking?


I am hoping to do mine tomorrow! how did yours go?


Haven’t done it, been really busy,! How did it go?


Hi, I have applied for Cyber Security, it was pretty much all competency based, so make sure you have lots of situations ready and use STAR. I passed my video but am waiting for an AC


Anyone heard or know how long the wait is for an AC?


Hey, I passed my video interview October 19th and have waited 4 weeks for an AC invite! It’s coming up to 5 weeks so I hope they get back to me before November 30th as that’s exactly 6 weeks


I passed my video interview on the 13th Nov, waiting to be invited to an assessment centre too.


Any more updates? Are you still waiting as I’m still waiting, at this rate they might get back to me in the new year…


Hi, congrats on passing the video interview. I also have a video interview coming up, and i was wondering if I could ask what questions were asked? If you could send me a PM, that would be great.


Has anyone completed the video interview, but not heard anything about the next stage? Have only had an emails saying they’re deciding about what to do with my application.


exactly the same here!


Hi all, what kind of things do they ask in the video interview, I received an email to complete it yesterday and was wondering what to expect. it is a pre-recorded video interview?


A bit of a longshot, but i’m applying to Atos this year and I have my video interview tomorrow. I know it’s going to be strength based questions but if anybody remembers would you mind letting me know if there are any specific questions i should prepare for? Thanks!