ATOS Graduate Programme (2016 and beyond)



Just had my telephone interview for their service platforms placement.
I don’t completely remember the questions they asked me, but off the top of head they were:

  1. Why did you choose atos and what would you like to gain from working with atos?
  2. What would you like to gain from the scheme you applied for?
  3. Tell me about a time when you worked within a team.
  4. Tell me about a time when you struggled to meet a target. What would you do differently?
  5. How would you keep composure?
  6. What does teamwork mean for you?
    There were also a few others, but can’t remember.
    Good luck!


Anyone got an AC for project management


How long did you wait for your AC invite after you were informed you have passed the phone interview?


Hi guys, I passed my telephone interview for the finance scheme in Mid January, It has been more than two months now and im still being considered for an assessment centre. It is really frustrating. I was wondering if anyone that applied for finance has been invited to an assessment centre?


My experience of the AC was very good. There were 6 candidates including me with a mix of both technical and business applicants. The day consisted of a group assessment, 2 interviews and a case study presentation.

I was most nervous about the interviews but the assessors are very calm and try their best to keep you at ease. In the end, the interviews went really well and i was offered the role after a few days via phone.

My advice would be to have a lot of enthusiasm and just be yourself as there is really no way to prepare for the group assessments and case study presentation.

All the best guys


My experience of Assessment day was very positive. Group exercise, two one to one interview and a presentation.
some questions were :
tell me about a time when you had to meet a deadline?
what is the most important achievement in your life and why?

It went very well but I wasn’t offered a job. the lady called me a week later and the feedback was

  1. You did very well in AC but we had better candidate who matches closely!!
  2. My assessors thought it might take long time to train me because I have graduated 5 years ago!
    So guys apply only if you are fresh graduates otherwise you will be wasting a lot of time preparing for online taste, telephone interview and even AC.
    hope this helps!


Thanks for this!
Do you remember any of the questions they asked you in the interviews? And why was there 2 interviews?
Please can you give some more details about the case presentation and group assessment?!
Thanks so much
Got my AC next week


Hey, good luck on the AC ! Could you please tell me when you applied and how long you waited for an invitation for AC after you were told that you have passed your phone interview ?
What position you are applying for ?


Thanks! I applied at the beginning of march I think, did the tests a few days later, had the telephone interview 2 weeks after that and then 2 weeks after that was asked to be a reserve for an assessment centre incase anyone dropped out last minute-but they didn’t so my application was prioritised for the next one which is next week. It’s cyber security


Hey! I’ve applied for that. Have you had your telephone interview yet?


Hello! Congratulations on making it so far. Just wondering if you have any advise for my telephone interview coming up, would really appreciate it.


Hi Guys, it’s interesting reading about some of your experiences! I passed the telephone interview back in November for the Account Management and Sales role, and have been waiting on an assessment centre ever since… It’s so frustrating waiting, they’ve sent the same generic emails about ongoing throughout the year depending on requirements of the business.

It looks like only certain roles are having assessment centres at the moment, so I don’t hold any hope for attending an AC anytime soon.


Wow… that does sound frustrating. Only thing i would say is that although they do say the assessment centres are scheme specific, there are a mix of candidates for different schemes within the same AC.

For example, my AC consisted of candidates who had applied for Project Management, Technical Consultancy, Networks and Infrastructure and then me for the Cyber Security role.

I would advise you to just be ready as they do recruit throughout the year so they may contact you out of the blue inviting you to an AC in the next couple of days (as was the case with me).

Good Luck


Hey! When was your assessment centre? And have you heard back yet? Thanks


My AC was back in March and i heard back about a week later with an offer.


Hi aaron,
I have a telephone interview tomorrow for the cyber security scheme, any chance you remember the questons asked or the structure of the interview? Would appreicate any response. Btw congratualtions on getting the cyber security role!


Hi guys,

I applied for the Client Services Management role. I had my telephone interview in March which was successful. But I have been waiting since then for an AC. Every time I do call them, their response is always no AC dates yet for the role I applied for. It is so so frustrating.



Do you recall the telephone/ video interview questions?? Thanks!! Mine is soon!



I applied for the Business stream, have a video interview real soon! Do you recall what you were asked?? Thanks



Any chance you recall the telephone interview questions?
Mine is a video interview m, guessing will be similar? Thanks!