ATOS Graduate Programme (2016 and beyond)



Hi There,
You won’t need to worry about not having an IT Related degree, on my assessment day there was someone who had a maths degree and applied for Cyber Security.

There aren’t any technical questions related to the telephone call, just your knowledge , enthusiasm for the company and of course previous examples of situations at work. General question like : When have you worked in a team to accomplish a goal/ project


Hi! can anyone provide any info for the telephone interview please? ive applied for project management


This subforum was really helpful for me.

Just recently received an offer from atos for the grad scheme as well.

Happy to help anyone in any way if they require it.


Hi John,

Which scheme did you apply for, and do you happen to remember the questions that you were asked during the telephone interview?

Many thanks.


Hi John,
I received news last week that I had been successful in stage 2 of the process and I’m waiting for more information on the telephone interview. How long did you have to wait after passing stage 2 to take part in stage 3?


Hi Michelle,

In regards to the waiting time between the online tests and being able to book a telephone interview, I had to wait around a week. Of course it might differ for different people, but that would seem a reasonable amount of time.


So completed my telephone interview. Questions asked were:

Why have you chosen Atos/this graduate scheme?
Tell me about a time you struggled to meet a target.
Where do you see yourself within a team?
Have you had to adapt or change the way you work?
How would you keep your composure?

(may be asked to elaborate on a couple)

The questions, or rather the way they were phrased, threw me off, as it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but anyway, hope this helps.


Hi ive been invited for a telephone interview for project management… anyone else?


Hey, I have recently passed my telephone interview and have been invited to assessment centre, would you be able to talk to me a bit about the structure, case study and what they are looking for?


Hey, do you have any advice for the assessment day?


Hi Aaron I have also applied for the cyber security grad scheme and have an assessment center can you tell me what the group exercise and case study was like and do you remember any of the questions asked? Thanks in advanced and good luck mate


Mine was a few days but it will vary depending on amount of applicants I guess.


I think the key to assessment days is to be yourself. Act as if you would do in these tasks around your friends or classmates. Try not to pay attention to the examiners.

Most assessment days feature similar tests - group assessment, competency interviews and a solo presentation which you have to create and prepare.

Good idea to practice these kind of things and ensure you follow;

  1. star method when responding to competency questions
  2. confidence in presenting and speaking
  3. building and delivering presentations
  4. being a good team player (this doesn’t mean asserting yourself or constantly having to give your opinion or sitting back and doing nothing) but behaving in a team like a good team player should.


Goodluck, sorry I didn’t see your previous post sooner.

I applied for the solutions architect role in response to your post.


How long did it take to get a response after the assessment centre


Hi mate how long did it take you to hear back for the outcome of the assessment center


Hi Paul how long did it take you to hear back from the assessment center on the outcome



I have applied for the Tech grad scheme and have my telephone interview next week. Any tips/question ideas are greatly appreciated



About 36 hours to be precise


Questions mostly (99 percent) heard have all been competency based I.e why this role, why atos etc. Good to research the company and think about your answers to this. Scroll back through this thread for examples of questions people have got :slight_smile: