ATOS Graduate Programme (2016 and beyond)



Can’t really remember tbh, I done mine back in Oct! There is a verbal reasoning test after the numerical is done!


Thanks, I didn’t realise they use the SHL assessment. Do you remember how long the test takes to complete?


i think it was 20 mins but don’t quote me on that


Did anyone get a place/AC for the Finance scheme, it seems they have told everyone it was full from November onwards which I find odd and a shame seen as they were arranging phone interviews in Jan/Feb. It feels like even if I’d applied on the first say it opened, I still would of been told Finance was full but maybe I’m being a little harsh. That being said I will stil apply last year and received an email saying I’d met the minimum to be considered for an AC for solutions architecture so we shall see.


You got to remember they only take 120 graduates only every year for all programs.


Anyone else been invited to an AC for Solutions Architecture? My application got switched from Finance and I’m not even sure what SA is despite having a read through the site resources.


I had a telephone interview for the project management role three weeks ago and still not heard anything since, anyone in the same boat?


How far are you with the placement process. Lastly how long did it take them to get back to you after the assessment centre with an offer.


I had mine for ops management in early May and I’m still waiting on an AC. Had 3 emails saying “we haven’t forgotten about you” since my passed email


Yeah same. I’ve phoned them two or three times as well and each time they just say they don’t know when they can give more information and we should just wait. Quite frustrating really


Hi i’m about to undertake the assessment day on Friday and was wondering if you could give me some insight about the group exercise and the individual presentation?



So I should have agree with that comment

  1. Group Exercise - IT Support (whether to keep it internal within a company or move to an external provider like Atos) and to provide pros and cons and then provide reasoning to the assessors.
  2. Competency Interview - 2 questions which lasts for 20minutes (Use STAR Format).
  3. Interview with hiring manager - depends what role you have applied for.
  4. Presentation - This was based on a train line (North West Trains) who has had a huge decline recently and is getting a lot of complaints (social media, email and etc.) The stations alongside are run down and need to be updated through digital transformation.
    Follow it.


Hi everyone, I have made it through to the online testing stage. Please can anybody advise on what they used to practice these tests - are they like the shl ones? Also is it verbal reasoning and numerical together?

Thanks in advance :))


Hey ,
Is anyone going to the assessment centre on the 17th November for Cyber Security ?


Hi ,
Have you already been to the assessment centre ??

If so group exercise , how indepth do you need to be with the answer ?


Can anyone provide details on telephone interview questions? In one of the emails I got, it says there are both competency and strength-based questions, so would appreciate some info on that.


Hey There,
I have just been offered a position for Cyber Security Graduate for August 2017.
Happy to answer any questions regarding the structure of the assessment day , and other concerns.


Hey there,
Its mostly your knowledge about the company, previous work experience so best to look over your CV. Previous scenario, such as working in teams


I have just received an offer as a Graduate Cyber Security Analyst for August 2017 Intake.
I am more then happy to answer any questions regarding the assessment day structure and any other concerns.

I have also created a closed facebook group for people who have successfully been offered a role, page is designed to meet new people in your scheme and also other roles.


Thanks for the reply. I have also applied for Cyber Security, but kind of worried because I’m not doing an IT-related degree. Sorry to be a pain, but do you happen to remember the questions asked?