ATOS Graduate Programme (2016 and beyond)



they take around 2-3 weeks for a response.


they responded about potential ac’s and told me to choose from a different service learn from
Finance and gave me a choice of 5 different ones


They told me it was filled and have me completely random choices


I am pretty set on Finance so will probably withdraw now. Very frustrating they’ve left it this long to tell us.


Ridiculous it’s taken them this long to confirm that finance has already been filled. Begs the question why they extended there deadline to March when it seems places were filled back in Jan.


If anyone requires help with the Assessment Centre, give me a shout! Will be happy to help :slight_smile:


Finance? I was told this was filled despite having my phone interview over 3 weeks ago and stilp receiving no feedback whatsoever. Massively u impressed with the out of house recruitment team! Anyone else feel the same way?


I ended up picking Solutions Architecture more for the sake of it. But I think I am going to apply next year for Finance instead.


Hi there, What’s the basic structure of the assessment centre? Thanks


Depends on the role you have applied for. I applied for PM and the day consisted of 4 exercises.

  1. Group Exercise - IT Support (whether to keep it internal within a company or move to an external provider like Atos) and to provide pros and cons and then provide reasoning to the assessors.
  2. Competency Interview - 2 questions which lasts for 20minutes (Use STAR Format).
  3. Interview with hiring manager - depends what role you have applied for.
  4. Presentation - This was based on a train line (North West Trains) who has had a huge decline recently and is getting a lot of complaints (social media, email and etc.) The stations alongside are run down and need to be updated through digital transformation. Alongside they also have a new competitor (Easy Rail) which has also affected (North West Trains).

That’s all I can pretty much remember.


For most graduate programmes if you pass the telephone interview you are ranked and the recruitment team systematically work their way from top to bottom. The 3 weeks of silence we probably filled with higher ranked applicants attending assessment centres.

As far as feedback… most graduate programmes only offer it if you reach the assessment centre


Hey r22. Thanks for the offer!
I am applying to business operations management and in the past, at other assessment centres, I have struggled to demonstrate my company, competitor and programme specific knowledge.

When preparing for assessment centres I generally use the annual reports to gauge what the company is focusing on strategically. For Atos I have found the Blue Kiwi project (social media platform for the work place) and the connected assistance solutions (wearable smart tech for the elderly).

ANY advise would be greatly appreciated!

Other than the information the job description gives I have found it hard to find real life examples of what someone in the position I am applying for would be doing on a day to day basis (Linkedin hasn’t proved helpful!)


Hey WM-93, can’t really help you much there. Before every AC I always prepare a summary of the company, competitors, recent technological advancements by company (Atos) and always look into recent news or developments. Along with that, you should be confident about the role you have applied for and to demonstrate your knowledge about it and why you wish to pursue a career in your preferred role type. Look into examples of what business and operations management roles include and what there day-to-day role is like. Your not expected to explain what kind kind of activities they would do, just a brief summary would be good to go!


I would suggest you focus more on the group task involvement as this is where some people fail to impress at!


Hi, how is your performance in the group exercise assessed exactly? Does the assessor stand at a distance observing the group members? Also, how many people attend an assessment on average?


There probably be around 3-4 assessors. From my understanding they overview your level of contribution, your input and the way you present your final proposal. Mine there was 6 people including me. But I was told there can be upto 12 on the day. All the best!


I’ve been asked to complete an Atos’ online Numerical Reasoning test. I always get really nervous with maths, so any advise about what topics come up and layout would be really appreciated. #help


Hi - wondered if you could give me some advise about what topics come up and the layout for the online Numerical Reasoning test?


Just use the SHL practise questions to give you an idea. Very straightforward, it mainly surrounds interpreting data from charts and tables.


Same thing happened with the business consultant position - I applied late last year, passed everything and was waiting to get an invite to the AC and I was told it was full. I switched schemes after they offered me a few other random schemes (mainly technical) and I’m still waiting now. Before the March deadline closed they still had the Business Consultant stream open.

Still hopeful though… watch this space