ATOS Graduate Programme (2016 and beyond)



I applied for Information Security and thank you.

My assessment centre was last Thursday 28th April and the telephone interview was on the 11th of March - the closest round of assessment centres were fully booked by the time I received word back that I’d been successful, which is why there was over a month gap between the tele interview and AC.

General thoughts on the AC were positive - they are very stressful situations but the recruiters did a good job of making you feel at ease and were very friendly and helpful. It was also more informal (still professional) than others I had been to in the past. It’s a long day 9am - 3:30pm and I was shattered by the end but you have lots of break in between exercises to allow your nerves to settle, get a drink, go the toilet etc. Overall, as far as assessment centres go (no one likes doing them) it was a decent experience.


Congratulations on getting an offer. Would you mind sharing your interviews questions?
Many thanks.



General questions I was asked in interviews:

Why I choose Atos
What makes Atos different from their competitors
What do you like about the job role (read the job spec)
Why do you think you’d be good in the role (your skills)
When did you use your creativity to address a complex problem
Example of when a project you were working on had a set back - what did you do?
What is your proudest achievement
Example of when you changed a way of working

This isn’t a complete list by any means and some of these aren’t the exact questions verbatim but you can adapt examples to a changes in questioning. At the AC the interview is split into 2 - one which focuses solely on competencies and the other which focuses on the role you’ve applied for and you motivations to join Atos.

Hope this helps.


Ah thats great. Thank you very much. I just passed online test and waiting for telephone interview. I applied for technology software program.


Hi folks! WikiJob here.

Thought we’d let you all know that we recently published an article on the application process and interview questions at Atos. We hope it’s useful for you:


Hi, can you please share your telephone interview if you dont mind.
Thanks in advance.


Hello there, could you please share your experiences on assessment day like case study etc… would be appreciated.

Many thanks.



I found the assessment centre a better experience than others I have been to. It was more structured and the recruitment staff were very friendly and helpful.

At the beginning you are taken into a room for a briefing on what the day will consist of, at which point you are given a personal itinerary. For my assessment day the first task was the group exercise.

I was grouped with 3 other people and we had to read some information regarding an office move and then had to come up with a plan on how to implement the move. I’d stress that being co-operative is hugely important in the group exercise, show that you’re listening and try not to interrupt people, take people’s opinions on board if they question your comments and try to encourage quieter members if they are any.
After a certain period of time (can’t remember how long) you will have to present this to two members of Atos management relevant to the schemes you’ve applied for. This only lasts 10-15 minutes, try structure it with your team so everyone says at least one section of your plan and be ready for brief questioning afterwards.

Next we were taken to a room after a short break to complete the presentation prep (the actual presentation is done later). I was given a booklet of information regarding the implementation of a new database type system in the form of mock emails and other bits of info. You have to create a Powerpoint presentation on this information. One important thing to note is that visuals do not matter at all with the presentation - mine was black and white - it’s more about the how you present it. For the case study I had, there were a number of options to choose from so giving pros and cons is essential as well as a recommendation. Do not over-saturate your slides with text, do brief bullet points and write out separate notes on a piece of paper as you go along each slide.

Then after another break, it was time for our interviews. These are split into two - one is more general competencies whilst the other explores your motivations for the role and Atos as well as further general competencies. Expect questions such as “why Atos”, “why x scheme”, “what differentiates Atos from its competitors” and other questions such as “when have you been creative to solve a complex problem”, “give an example of how you reacted to a unexpected change in a project you were working” etc etc. I stress that they aren’t expecting you to fire away the moment the interviewer finishes asking a question - take a few seconds to consider your answers, take a sip of water and a deep breath and then give a thought out response. The first interview is 20-30 mins and the seconds last around 40-50 minutes. Just smile be friendly and you should do fine.

Next we had lunch which is an assortment of sandwiches and fruit - as I don’t really like traditional sandwiches (egg and crest blergh) I just snacked on fruit and listened and asked questions to the graduate who comes in to see everyone. After a while some the assessors came in and we asked a few questions (can be awkward an awkward atmosphere if no one keeps asking questions).

After lunch it’s a quick filling out of forms to claim expenses back and then onward to the actual presentation which you prepared earlier. This is done on the same laptop you prepared on so before you go practise with Powerpoint briefly. I was taken to a room with one of my interviewers and presented my Powerpoint sat down in a fairly informal arrangement. Don’t look at your notes too much and give decent eye contact with the recruiter throughout. At the end I was asked a couple of questions (none that were purposely to trick me up - might of been lucky) and then that was it. I was very nervous about the presentation but it’s not as bad as you think.

Then you are debriefed and sent on your way - I found out the outcome a week later (would of been before but apparently there was a unexpected delay).

In terms of case studies, they are entirely self-contained you can’t prepare for them and knowing what they are doesn’t help too much as all the information that you need is given to you anyway.
Hope this helps and if you have an assessment centre booked at some point, good luck.


Thank you very much.


I am applying for the software development graduate program and am preparing for the numerical reasoning test. I have read it is not like the typical SHL tests, which are insanely hard. Could anyone give me some insight on the difficulty level of these tests?


I got an email by Atos saying my application for the Account Management and Sales Graduate Scheme was successful. I was invited to take the numerical reasoning test. Do you know what style of numerical reasoning test they will ask (SHL style or Kenexa style)? Also will they ask a verbal reasoning test after?
I have four more days to take the test so quick feedbacks please


Anyone through to an AC for Finance?


I am through to the AC but waiting for a date. Have you got a date yet?


No, only found out today I was through. How long did you have to wait before finding out?


Hey guys, I’ve applied for PM, just done my numerical test and I’ve been told my application was on hold until they were in the position to consider me further. Anybody have this as well, is it bad?


Hi guys, has anyone been invited to or even heard anything about assessment centres? I applied for finance btw


Nothing yet


Nope nothing, had my Phone interview which I felt went really well but no response as of yet.


SHL - Numerical & Verbal.


Spoke to the recruitment team yesterday as I hadn’t heard back from them after my phone interview about 2 and a half weeks ago. And they said they will be ‘sending out emails next week’… I suppose read into that what you will.