ATOS Graduate Programme (2016 and beyond)



Thanks for the heads up, they did say 2 or 3 weeks as well. I am hoping it is a pass. I think I tripped on the how did you deal with unproductive colleague question. good luck to the ac people. Also this place was reli gud with preparation.


Thanks! I noticed that you said you applied for Business Intelligence but got asked to change scheme - why was that?


Had my telephone interview last Thursday and got my reply today (Monday) - I passed! However, the email was pretty vague about how long I’ll have to wait to get my assessment centre date or even whether my particular role is still available…



Same here! I had mine back in August and the promised they will invite me for an AC in November.
No invite so far!


I recieved an email today saying i was successful with the telephone interview and under consideration for the AC, for a project management role. Has any one else heard back, about when this would be or has anyone else applied for this role?


Same as below posts. Got email saying they will let me know when AC is happening. And yes as elawal mentioned it was pretty vague about date/time etc. still great to have passed the wooden interview.


Hi, I’m sorry to hear about that.
I’m wondering whether you could give me some tips on how to prepare for the AC?
Thank you!


Been told I’m a ‘reserve’ for an ATOS assessment centre next Tuesday…
If they don’t get all the candidates they want from that assessment however, I’ll definitely be invited to the next one.

Not the best news but at least I’ve finally been updated.


hi ibanker, have u heard from Atos recently? i did my online test for business operation management at the beginning of jan…so far the status is still on hold. they sent me an email that they are still in the processes of reviewing applications.


Hey! Sorry to hear about the assessment day! Just wondering if you could share any tips on how to prepare? And what is wanted from you? Thanks :slight_smile:


congrats…i just finished my online tests at the beginning of jan…so far my status is still on hold and they told me they are still in the processes of reviewing applications


Which stream did you apply for?


business operation management


an update for others…HR and finance have been filled in, i was told to send application for another programme…so if anyone is thinking of applying please be aware if your thinking about finance and HR


Finally got an assessment centre date for Thursday 19th March. Anyone else attending on that day?


For what programme? I’m still waiting


Business Intelligence


this is getting ridiculous now. They badgered to finish the tests on timeline and do the telephone interview. I wait from December to February and then told it’s been filled in. I apply for another at their request and 10 weeks later there is no update. just very shoddy way to handle the application process.


Hi Guys,

Recently received an offer from Atos for the graduate program.

Happy to answer any questions - bare with me on answering though.



What did u apply for? Well done for getting the offer :slight_smile: at least we know a job offer is defo made. when was your assessment centre and tel interview? views on the ac?