Atos finance grad telephone interview



Hi everybody,
I have got telephone interview coming up on 27th of November for finance graduate scheme. Has anyone had interview already?
Any tips will be greatly appreciated!


I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been much help with the Atos telephone interview online so I thought I’d share my experience.

Motivation Questions:

  1. Why Atos?
  2. Why have you chosen your particular grad scheme?

Competency Questions:

  1. Teamwork- Describe a time when you were part of a team and one of the members was not pulling his/her weight. How did you remedy the situation?
  2. Agility- Describe a time when you were working on a project and the parameters changed drastically half way through the project. How did you cope?


Thanks ndso4 - that’s really helpful! I have my telephone interview on Monday - very short notice from them, especially as I have an assessment centre to prep for next week! Were you successful? How long did the interview last for and did they ask you to expand much on your answers?


Hi wh123,
I did pass the telephone interview. They said they’ll let me know if I’ve been selected to attend the assessment centre sometime this month (apparently passing all the stages does not guarantee attendance to the assessment centre due to limited spaces).
The interview lasted for about 35-40 min. They asked a lot of background questions. There weren’t many follow up questions. Pretty straight forward.
Good luck with the interview and assessment centre! Hope it goes well for you!


Hi guys

Just had my telephone interview so thought I would share with you all while my mind is fresh:

  1. Why do you want to work for Atos?
  2. Why your particular scheme?
  3. Name a time you’ve been in a team and the team member wasn’t pulling their weight? What did you learn from this?
  4. Name a time you’ve been working on a project and had to adapt to sudden change?

Was very mechinal, felt like I was talking to a machine and she didn’t have the answers to any of my questions EG - Do we find out if we passed the telephone interview and don’t get offered a place?

She said I would hear within a week regarding getting invited to the assessment centre, but even if I passed the interview there is a possibility I still won’t get a place.

Good luck anyone else!


Hi guys!!

I had my telephone interview a couple of weeks ago for the Project Management Grad scheme and the questions you guys have posted here are the same

  1. Why AtoS
  2. Why the role you have chosen
  3. When have you had to adapt to a new environment
  4. Give us an example of when you have had a team member not pulling their weight? Howe were they not pulling their weight and how did you deal with this?

I have my assessment center next week… wondering if any of you have had yours yet and what i should perhaps expect?

Thanks and Good luck to anyone else reading this!


has any1 here applied for finance scheme and heard back regarding AC yet?


has any heard back from atos regarding project management assessment centre?