Atkins Telephone Interview


Hi All,

I just came across this site through google. I will be having Atkins telephone interview in 2 days time and would like to know some typical questions I could be asked. Anyone that has gone through this stage or with any Engineering consultancy firm should please advise.



Can someone help with the question above?


I haven’t got any info on the Atkin telephone interview specifically, although there is information about the rest of the assessment process on the wikis. See - [[Atkins]]

I recommend reading this article on [[telephone interview]]s and this article on [[competency based questions]] as your telephone interview will almost certainly feature them.

The interview will almost certainly be relatively short (20 - 30 mins) and you should be able to explain why you want to work for Atkins, why you want to work in this industry, and you should also be able to talk about [[commercial awareness]] type (business) issues about your industry.

Also, familiarise yourself with your CV as this will probably also be discussed.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes!



I’m going to have mine next week. What did they ask in the interview? Any advice is very much appreciated.




I had mine yesterday…same typical questions like why Atkins? why Civil Engineering (as it was for graduate civil engineering job)
tell me about your degree? why u chose that particular business area? and some other questions…interview was ok…outcome will be in few weeks…what about you guys…how was your interview? and what’s the outcome


That’s a shame. To be fair on Atkins, they are probably using a third party interview company to conduct their telephone interviews that are based in India, but even so… that sounds pretty bad. You should call Atkins up and let them know. …they’ll probably spot this thread at some point anyhow and figure out they have a problem anyhow though I guess!


Hi all,

I had the almost exactly the same experience as Anil.
the questions were like what had been described by dashingdare.
I had mine in November and I didn’t get through to the next stage.



My interview was similar to what Anil describes.
The tips that Redsuperted listed could help with the preparation of Atkins’ interview.
I didn’t through to next stage, neither.
Anyone here has got throught to the final stage?


I have to say that I have had a different experience.

I applied for a position as a maths graduate where they are only recruiting 8 this year.

I got interviewed by a lovely lady who worked for Atkins who gave good answers to my questions.

I am still waiting to hear if I get called for interview.


What position were you applying for Meep?

Guys - take a look at this wiki [[Atkins graduate scheme assessment day]].


I applied literally for a position as a “Maths Graduate” and then you choose which is your first and second choice area to work in. I chose Defence and Intelligent Transport Systems.


I’ve just spoken to Atkins. They’ve seen this thread and are aware of the issues with the [[telephone interview]]. They were very apologetic for the problems you guys have faced and will be logging in to WikiJob this week to explain the reasons for these issues in greater detail.



I had my tel interview few days ago. My experience was not bad. The line was noisy, but I could hear well enough. The guy had an accent but spoke good english and was nice to speak to. The interview went as follows:
The interview was completely not technical. And the guy clearly filled up boxes in a questionnaire.
Asked what I know about Atkins
Asked what are my 1st, 2nd, 3rd choices of sectors and what are my location preferences.
Told me what will happen if I’m successful and where the Assessment centres might be.
Why I want to work in the field selected?
What 3 skills I can bring to atkins?
Why I study what I study?
What is best + worst about my course.

In total about 6-7 questions.

And promised to get back within 2 weeks or earlier.



I had mine few days ago as well, My questions were similar to 100100’s…
the guy said he will get back to me the end of this week or beginning of next week…
coz he said he will have to forward my application to the department (for example, my first choice, then if i cant get through, then forward to my second choice department…so it will take few days)…
I am bit confused…so basically, the telephone interview is only the first round screening…the ppl in the department are the one who can really decide if you can get throught to the next stage.(even you did well on the telephone interview …that doesnt mean you will get through the next stage…anyway…)

good luck :slight_smile:



Hey guys, I had my phone interviews almost 3 weeks ago, but still haven’t heard from Atkins for the next stage, I have emailed them but got reply saying that due to the huge volume of applicants, they won’t be able to let me know the outcome now, and will contact me as soon as they got the result. It is a bad sign ? How long normally did you guys received your results ?

Cheers !



Applied to Atkins a week ago, Completed Numerical/verbal a day after I sent the application!, process seems quite fast but I suppose it’s still a bit early in the recruitment cycle. I have my phone interview in 2 days time (done so much research). Above comments were useful so thanks.



I have to do the online assessment for my Atkins assessment. Can anybody that’s done it help me with what to expect in the verbal reasoning part. I’ve read up on verbal reasoning tests but the format seems to vary. Do the question involve reading passage and the answering “true”, “false” or “cannot say” or do we have to read a passage and choose the most appropriate sentence that fits the question? Also, how tight is the time allowance?

Any help would be most gratefully recieved.



Both the numerical and the verbal for Atkins are administered by PSL, the verbal will have passages and you say whether it’s true,false or cannot say. try these practice questions at

cant remember the time limit, I think it was 32 questions in 24 minutes, each passage will have around 3 questions, I didn’t find it particurlarly tough.

good luck


Could anyone who has done numerical test with atkins share their experience. How difficult it is in comparison to SHL, are there anything on currency conversion? Thank you for your soon replies.


The numerical was quite easy, easier than SHL though the verbal was harder, I remember doing a currency conversion question around midway in the test.