Atkins recruitment process – Plan, Design, DISABLED?

The Graduate

I applied to Atkins for a structural design position, it was the first job which I have applied for this year and it took about 3-4 days of spare time to get everything just right. I’m dyslexic and whilst this dose means I have a few issues with written text, I am one of the strongest designers in my year and feel that I am suitably qualified to apply.

For me the problem has been a failure by Atkins to respond or even acknowledge that I am dyslexic, and need further time for the online test. I ended up having to take the test before the 14 day limit had expired. The testing method is clearly floored if I’m unable to read the questions adequately in the time given. It wasn’t a test of my ability to understand dialog or to perform simple calculations, it was a speed reading exercise, and given my disability, one which I would clearly fail!

Despite 4 phone calls to the graduate recruitment team they are still unable to tell me weather I have passed the test or not, they simply never respond. I want my 4 days back!

Has anybody else had a similar experience?


We are very sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience during our recruitment process. We have experienced a significant increase in the volume of applications we have received to our Graduate Development Programme this year, which has meant that unfortunately we have not been able to respond to all candidates as quickly as we would have liked. However we do have a policy in place for candidates applying with specific learning differences.
Atkins Graduate Recruitment Team


If you have a policy in place for disabled people, how come this guy was so badly treated? I’m dyslexic too - if someone who’s dyslexic can get such poor treatment it would seem like your whole disabled policy is massively flawed.