Atkins Graduate Scheme 2016



This forum thread is for people applying for graduate roles at Atkins (any country), to ask questions about the company, job applications and the interview and assessment process. Your contributions are much appreciated!


Has anybody been to Atkin’s AC ? Can somebody tell me what to expect in it and what can I expect in InTray Exercise ? Where can i prepare these online if I want to ?


Hi there

I’m afraid I’ve not been to Atkin’s assessment centre, but these articles should all be useful in terms of telling you what to expect in the in-tray / e-tray exercise:

If you want to practise these types of test, click on ‘Intray Exercises’ at the top of this page to view JobTestPrep’s package. AssessmentDay also does them I think.


I passed the AC in march at the london euston office and offered a role in rail electrification. The AC consists of a technical exercise and follow up interview by a manager, group exercise, written exercise and follow up hr interview on the exercise and a competency style hr interview. The list seems exhausting but if you try and take it positively and enjoy them, you can come across as very well prepared.
The technical interview is not too technical and you may not have to give one depending on the role you applied for. They are just looking for fundamental understanding of the areas or business at atkins and it is like a flowing conversation really.

Group exercise is time constrained and keep to the time. Let others speak and make your points confidently but concisely.
For competency interview just prepare using the STAR technique and explain experiences that demonstrate leadership teamwork etc.
For the written exercise, utilise all the time and structure the report with a clear introduction and conclusion. Particularly focus on health and safety as that is something Atkins try to champion.

Hope this helps!, if you need more info don’t hesitate to contact.


Has anybody passed the verbal and numerical reasoning tests and received a phone call for the interview? If so, how long did it take? (I’m looking for someone who’d done the same in the UAE)


I passed the test recently. I am waiting for a phone call for interview. I assume it will take as a while as the job will start in Sep in UAE.


Have you received the call? I got a telephone briefing today and have a competency test scheduled for tomw. Wondering if you’re one of the other applicants.


What post is this for? I got a call but it wasn’t an interview, just to let me know that I could get a call in 2-4 weeks, was your telephone briefing an interview or did you have one prior to it?


Yes, I received the call to expect the telephone briefing in 2-4 weeks and then another phone call which was the actual briefing. I was asked to attend a competency test which I’m not sure if it will be over the phone or face to face.


hey, I received a call sometime last week and a competency test was scheduled the day after. They said they’ll get back to me in a week or so with the results. What positions are you guys applying for ?


hey !. i was wondering if anyone heard back from Atkins regarding the graduate program in the UAE. I had my competency test over the phone last week and i haven’t heard back from them since.


Did you get a phone call or attend the competency tests yet?


My competency test was held on the phone. Its a been a week since then and i haven’t heard from them yet.


Did you give the numerical and reasoning test before the competency test?


Yes. That’s how it’s generally done


What post is this for? Have any of you applied for the graduate architect position?


This was for a position as a graduate civil engineer in UAE.


I haven’t heard anything from atkins since my numerical test in june. I applied for grad mechanical engineer role.


The same, but they called to tell me that I may get a call in 2-4 weeks; it’s been 3 weeks.


Has anyone heard from Atkins regarding their application for graduate positions(civil) in the UAE after the competency test ?