Atkins Assessment Day


Anyone complete an assessment day with Atkins? There is a technical assessment mentioned, if anyone could outline the set up or any information in regards to the day?




where is the location of the program you are applying for /???


Glasgow - Aerospace.



Hope you’re A/C went well. Can you give me a few hints. I applied for the nuclear sector and I really need some help. Have been trying to secure a job but havent been successfull, Some pointers will be great and some detail on the exercises and technical assessment. looking forward to hearing from you



Hi Joe,

I’ve just been reading through the threads on the Atkins Graduate Assessment Centre on this site. I will be attending an Assessment Centre this Wednesday at Epsom. I would like to know how your assessment went so as to have an idea on what I’m most likely to expect.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Hi Persona85

I will have my Assessment Day soon and I would like to know how your assessment went… I Hope that you got the job!

Which program did you apply for?

I would like to know what topic you discussed for the Communication test, the one you were asked to read an article… by any chance do you remember what it was about…

Also the Perception test?

Thanks in advance,

Looking forward to hearing from you,



Hi Persona85

I will have my Assessment Day soon and I would like to know how your assessment went… I Hope that you got the job!

Which program did you apply for?

I would like to know what topic you discussed for the Communication test, the one you were asked to read an article… by any chance do you remember what it was about…

Also the Perception test?

Thanks in advance,

Looking forward to hearing from you,



Hi Maria,

How are you?

I just got your message on here. I had my Assessment Day at Epsom. I don’t know if its the same location as yours as I applied for the Environmental Science Graduate Programme. The assessment went pretty well. It lasted for about 8 hours so make sure you have a proper breakfast before you head out!!! (laughs).

In my own assessment , I was asked to write a proposal to Atkins on a project they could embark on in order to preserve the 2012 Olympic legacy. You will have to give strong reasons on why you think your proposed project can enable Atkins enhance the Olympic legacy and enhance their Corporate Social Image. You will also have to identify relevant stakeholders and how they can be of help to your proposed project. You will be given lots of materials to help you butress your propsal.

In my own communication test, I was asked to give an Oral presentation of the proposal I had written. You will be asked to make this oral presentation in 7 minutes. I would advice that you try and squeeze in everything you have to say in 5 minutes so that you can have an extra 2 minutes to spare to give a strong conclusion.

You will be asked to participate in a team work exercise. You will be asked to come up with a proposal on a project which has been put forward to you and other candidates by your ‘Team Leader’ via e-mail. Its bread and butter stuff so there’s no need for you to panic about it as they just want to test your ability to communicate effectively and work as a team member. You can decide to be the time keeper for your team as that will present you as a leader who is not afraid to take initiatve and responsibility to the assessors.

Finally, you will have to undertake a competency interview. Its just the same as the Telephone Interview that you must have had- the annoying ‘Tell me of a time when…’ questions.

I did not take any perception tests though.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t selected probably because the other candidates resided in the areas they were looking to recruit (London and Epsom), and I came from far away Glasgow!!! (laughs). I don’t know if that was the reason but its just what I think. I could be right or wrong though.

What programme are you applying for and where is the location for your assessment? When are you supposed to attend your assessment.

Hope this information does help. Feel free to get back to me if you need any further help, Ok?

Take care and all the best in your assessment.



Hi Persona85

Thanks a lot for your reply!! It was really helpful! and a lot of information!

I have applied for the Building Surveyor, Engineering and Design Graduate Program, As you can see!! a little bit of every thing!

I am architect by background but I have experience in construction and in Project management. Let’s see how it goes!! I haven’t found any comments about this program, most of them are Engineering, nuclear or power programs!

To be honest with you I dont know yet when my assessment day will be!.. I am still waiting for the email that confirm that i will go to the telephone interview. I just need some comments about the assessment day because I have been preparing myself for both stage…and there are a lot of information and practice that need to be done or be prepared before hand.

The last time that I received news from Atkins was 7 weeks ago!.. the email said that I passed my Psychometric test… I need to wait between 8 and 10 weeks for any news about the next stage…possible telephone interview. It means…I am still waiting!

How was your time line in terms of the process?? After the telephone interview…how many days or weeks did they reply back?..and after the assessment day?

As I could see, even that the structure of the Assessment day is four areas, sometimes depends of the Program or how many people were there to be assessed!

In terms of the writing exercises? how were they assessed?a part from the oral presentation?

How many people were there with you in your assessment day?

Thanks for your reply… I truly appreciate it!!




Hi Maria,

Thanks for your reply. Your programme sure has a bit of everything!!! (laughs)

It could take up to 8-10 weeks for the recruitment team to get back to you on a Phone Interview date. For your phone interview, I would advise that you focus more on competency questions such as (Tell me of a time when you did this or Tell me of a time when you did that…) You would not be asked any technical questions at the Telephone Interview.

My response was quicker than usual as I got my telephone interview date 3 weeks after I passed my online test. I must say that the fact that you passed the online test is not a guarantee that you will be selected for a phone interview.

For example, my flatmate and I applied for Atkins at about the same time (he applied for the GIS position) and we passed our online tests. I was invited for a Telephone Interview but my flatmate was not invited unfortunately. So you just have to hope and pray at this stage!!

This should not discourage you in anyway as it sometimes depends on the line manager for a particular programme.

Its a bit difficult for me to say how the writing exercises were assessed as they have their yardsticks which are unique to them. But I think that they will be looking out for structure of your presentation, delivery, your ability to argue your case as well as a strong conclusion (I think I screwed up in that part).

You should have to write real quick as the writing exercise is timed and you’ll be working through lots of information that will be supplied to you by the assessors.

On my Assessment day, we were six in number and we came from different parts of the country. 2 people were from the london area, one person was from Leeds, another came from Edinburgh, one person was from Surrey and yours truly came down all the way from Glasgow! (laughs)

Like I had advised earlier on, focus more on getting ready for your phone interview and hope that you’re selected for it. Try and get answers to competency questions ready as those are the things you will be judged by.

Feel free to get back to me if you need any other information, OK?

Take care.

Persona 85


Hi Persona85

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

Yes, I am totally aware that if I passed the test, it doesn’t mean that I will be called for an interview for sure. …It was really clear in the last email that I received!

For the time line…yes I think with me they have taken exactly the amount of time that they said in the email… For the test result, they said “between 2 and 3 weeks”…they replied 16 days after!! 2 weeks!

I think It will be the same for the next stage (8 -10 weeks)… I am in the 7 week!! Let’s see how it goes!

Well, for your comments about the people selected in your assessment day!!..everyone English 100% Native speaker…!.. Let’s see how it goes with me. I am not native english speaker for one hand.

But well… one thing at a time!!

I will focus to prepare my telephone interview…and then, if everything goes well!! …my Assessment day!

In your case, after you received the email to book your telephone interview… How many days after you had yours? Did you chose the day? were there some availability of days and times?

Did they ask you about the company or were more questions about yourself and experience?

Did you keep any contact numbers of the other candidates that were with you? Do you know if any of them passed?

Thank you very much for your time today,



Hi Maria,

Thanks for your reply.

Like I said, six of us made it to the Assessment Day in my own time. I was the only black person and the rest were all Native English people. I am from Nigeria and English is the offical language in my country.

But you should not worry about it because your English is pretty good and you stand a very strong chance!

I can’t remember the specific dates to be honest but I remember that I received a phone call from Atkins on a Friday. They asked me whether it was okay for me to have the phone interview the following Tuesday. The date was okay by me so we settled for Tuesday. Like I said in my previous e-mail, you WILL NOT be asked about your knowledge of the the company or your experience and competencies.

It would be advantageous to still read about the company just in case you are asked about them although I don’t see this happening. In your phone interview you would be asked competency-type questions such as ‘Tell me about a time when you had to work with information or Tell me a time when you had to influence a group of people to do a particular job in the way you wanted it.’

Unfortunately, I did not take the number of the other candidates. I wish I did! But when I was given a feedback on my overall performance, I was told that two people were selected out of the six of us at the end of the Assessment.

If you are able to make it to the Assessment Day, you are absolutely free to take the contact details of other candidates to keep in touch with them.

If you need any further answers, you know where to contact me. (Laughs)

Take care.



Hi Persona 85,

Thanks for your comments again!

Did they call you or send you an email to book your telephone interview? I didnt understand that part!

How long did they take to give you the answer after the telephone interview? that you have passed to the assessment day stage…

What was your overall performance - feedback? did they say how the other candidates were successful and why…? or why you werent.




Hey Maria,

Always a pleasure to hear from you.

With respect to booking my telephone Interview, I got a call from them on Friday informing me that I was selected to proceed to a phone interview. We then agreed on Tuesday as the ideal date for the Interview to be conducted. They also sent a confirmation e-mail to me as well (that I would have the interview on Tuesday as we both agreed on over the phone). I think I had the interview around 11am on Tuesday.

In most cases, you will be told after the phone interview how sooner or later you would receive a feedback. In my own case, they got back to me about an hour later informing me that I was successful!!

With respect to my overall performance, they said that I did very well and that my reports were okay. Also, I was told that the line managers were impressed with my level of technical knowledge and professional experience in the industry. However, they were concerned that I did not give a good conclusion to them. I also had a good oral presentation but I did not finish within the 7 minute time frame that was given to me.

Those were my strengths and weaknesses that they pointed out to me.

Where are you from by the way? Hope you don’t mind my asking as you said you were non-English :slight_smile:

Kindly get back to me if you need any further help.

Take care.



hI Persona58,

Thanks for your comments again.

As I can see they are really strict in the way they assessed! But it is good information to have in hand before the assessment!

As I told you, I will prepare myself for the interview first…and then I will be worry about the next stage!

Hope that my process will go as fast as yours… “after the telephone Interview”. I need to know as soon as I can, if I passed or not to the next stage. For personal reasons, I can not way for too long for an answer. The process itself has taken a long way for me!

But fingers crossed that the waiting will worth it!

Well, If I have news I will let you know about it!

Did you do some kind of preparation for the Assessment day? Are there some training on internet to practice? I haven’t found anything related to that!!

After they called you to say that you passed the next stage? many days or weeks after you went to the assessment center?

I am from South America, Venezuela.




Hi Maria,

Como estas?

I just got your reply. Its good to know that you will focus on preparing for your phone interview. I did not do any kind of preparation for the assessment day. But it will be nice of you to remember all the technical experience that you have in your CV so that you can share it with the line manager in your Technical Interview.

I understand that the process has taken a long way for you. Just stay calm. I hope that they call you for the phone interview.

I did not do any kind of preparation for the Assessment Day. Like I said, the key is to be yourself in the Assessment Centre. You should not be shy because if you are, that will be a disadvantage for you. Always express your ideas and opinions in the team work exercise. You also have to write very fast in the technical report and in the proposal as well.

After I was told that I passed the phone interview, they got back to me the next day with the necessary information that I need. You will be asked to send an e-mail informing them whether or not you will be attending the assessment and if you would want them to make travel arrangements for you if you are coming from another part of the country.

If you need any help, just let me know okay?

Take care.



hi all…has anyone had telephone interview for the UK program recently ?

@persona85…omo naija…how far ?


I dey…Who be this?


Was just saying hi… you get!!!.. trying to track folks who applied for this prog recently…waiting For the phone Interview buzz…wondering what its about!!!


Lol…okay. No worries man. The phone interview is competency based…“tell me of a time when you…”. You may be asked competency questions on Leadership, Problem-solving and stuff like that. Have you been scheduled for a phone interview?