At least 2:1



I have a questions: what is meant by at least 2:1?

I know it means either 2:1 or 1st in your undergrad degree, but if I have an MSc but only a 2:2 in my BSc is this counted as at least a 2:1?

Ive googled but to no avail…




I dont think they consider the MSc, yeh it helps if you have the ordinary requirements as it puts you ahead of the rest, but I had a friend in a similar situation, they still want at least a 2.1 or 1st in your BSc degree, irrespective of whether you got a first or 2.1 in an MSc


As I feared. It limits my job search a lot.

Cheers mancman!


is there no mitigating circumstances you could use for your degree? then state that you motivated yourself for these reasons in your Msc and achieved a 2.1 there. Good Luck in job search.


Hi all,

I am wondering if you don’t have an undergraduate degree and you finish MBA in UK. Are we still eligible to apply for graduate roles ? Please share your views

Thanks in advance