Astrium Graduate program 2014



Does anyone took a tests for Astrium DEG 2014.I have just took the tests and am looking for other guys to share information.


Hello Iesurafel,

I took the Online tests - Is this the test you’re talking about ?


Hey shu_fable…
Yes i mean the online test but i didn’t hear back about my result for almost more than three weeks.Do you know if the program is open for international applicant?


Hey, yes - I hear they review international applicants as well. Which graduate position you going for ?
lol i didn’t do well on the aptitude questions… did not end up answering many questions :confused:


Mine was Graduate Software Engineer.I think the important thing about the exams is focusing and trying to answer some questions accurately.It was a bit tight for me too good luck for both of us.If i hear back i will update you…


likewise, thanks.


Hi! I want to apply for Astrium graduate programme, however a few weeks ago I applied to Airbus and essentially I’m using the same candidate cockpit to manage both applications as Airbus and Astrium are EADS companies. When I started filling application for Astrium I noticed that CV and cover letter that I had sent to Airbus were uploaded automatically. I’m wondering if people at Airbus will be notified if I change my CV and Cover Letter, this time tailored for the job that Astrium offers?


Hi wojnod,
I think you can add more attachment on your attachment section so why don’t you add another CV and motivation?


Hey guys,

I applied for the Astrium graduate scheme (propulsion one) still waiting to hear back about assessment centre details, got an emailing stating I was successful in the tests and stages. Anyone else in a similar situation?


Hi Smith.rjsa
Yes, me and also some friends of mine. We completed the tests toward november/december and received the mail saying we were succesful.
I’m wondering if someone has already been invited to the assessment center or received the rejection letter.
Guys that applied to airbus DEG started being contacted/rejected (


Hello Amaza,

Thanks for getting back to me! no news yet on the invitation yet, just seen there has been a couple of rejection emails received from the Airbus DEG thread, although they seem to be applying for different schemes, so hopefully news will come soon!


Hello guys
Unfortunately i got an email on the rejection about three weeks ago so i guess you can expect to get response in the near future.Good luck everyone…


Hello guys, any successful news yet? still haven’t received anything :frowning:


Hi everyone

I also applied (for a AOCS/GNC position). I got an email from the head of the department saying that I was shortlisted, and then an email from HR saying the next phase would be in April or May.

How about you?


Hi tripleM,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Congratulations! Actually, I too applied for the AOCS/GNC position :).
It’s a good news that something starts moving. I wish you good luck.

Me, unfortunately I don’t have any news, and didn’t neither I hear anything from my friends who passed the first stage as well.

I will let you know if news come out.

  • nor did I hear anything from my friends who passed the first stage as well


When did you receive this email tripleM?

Amaza, do you know anyone who applied for the MTP Graduate program?



Hey Amaza and Smith.rja

I got an email 2 weeks ago from the head of department and then 10 days ago from HR. But the HR email said that my process is still under review, and they would contact me shortly. So don’t lose hope!

Good luck :slight_smile:


Is this after you receiving an email for successfully passing the online tests?


Yes, that one I received in November a week or so after I finished them