Aston Martin Graduate Placement/ Industrial Placement 2011


Product Development


I have been selected to take the telephone interview on 28th Feb 2011. If anyone has already taken an interview, I would really appreciate any suggestions and/or tips for preparing for the interview.

Also, Aston is conducting their Assessment Centres on 10th and 14th March. If anyone has any idea about the particulars of the AC, we all can help each other out in this.


I applied ages ago and still haven’t heard! Did you get an email yesterday?


yes i did…and the hr confirmed the interview dates with me.


How was the telephone interview? What did they ask? Any info will be greatly appreciated


hi, i have my assessment centre soon. what kind of questions did they ask, and what was the technical part like?


Hi guys, I have an assessment centre with Aston in a few days and want to know what they could potentially ask. There are 3 parts- an individual exercise, group exercise and interview. Can anyone give me any tips or clues as to what is coming.