Aston Martin Assessment Centre


Hi, I have been invited to the Aston Martin assessment centre on the 14th April and am really struggling to prepare for it; mainly the competency based interview. I don’t have much experiences to call upon from, and am almost at the point of making stuff up. I’ve tried searching the net for anything about the assessment centre but got nothing. Please can anyone help me?!. Thanks.


I don’t think that many people will have been on their assessment centre - that’s why there’s not lots of specific info. Use the general info to prepare - e.g. [[competency based interview]] and [[assessment centre]]. What exactly are you struggling with preparing for?


Thanks for your comment. I’m struggling with the competency questions themselves; actually trying to answer them because I don’t have that much experience to call upon from. I’ve complied a list of competency questions I’ve found from the net and done a lot of research about the company but just can’t seem to answer any of them without using an experience from high school or college, which I know they don’t want to hear.


Zeshandaar i hope by now u wld’ve attended the tel int @ Aston Martin. Can u throw me some light on hw was it and wht r the questions tht were asked and based on wch. have u attended the assesment centre too?? whts ur appln stage nw ??


Hi, Can anyone give me any advice on the Aston Martin telephone interview? Got it coming up and wanted to prepare my best for it


Hi dean,shepherd14

have u attended the AM tel interview?? can you temme hw was it? even am waiting for a tel int for almost 2 months nw. they sent a mail saying tht u will be attending a tel int but still haven’t got any mails from them. So wld like to knw if u’ve attended and hw was it??



Hi Gowri,

I have already had the telephone interview. It was just a basic competency interview…I can’t remember exactly what questions I was asked but they were around the usual subjects of describing a time when you had to plan something, work as a team etc. I was told I would have the interview in December but did not receive it until a month after. Just found out that I passed as well and will be going to the assessment centre soon.

good luck



Anyone over here with any experience of taking the AM telephone interview and/or attending the assessment centre? Guys, I would really appreciate any help you could extend.


I took the Aston Martin assesment test earlier this year, at their HQ. The test paper I was given to complete was by SHL, and consisted of three elements lasting around 30 mins each. Numeracy, english skills, verbal reasoning. I was in a room with the other applicants, but very much an exam type situation, we were given calculator, paper, rubber etc. All the tests were multi choice answers. Those who were successful were then invited back for interview. They also mentioned that the test results could also factor later on in the selection process if they had two candidates who were very closely matched. I hope this helps anyone else who has to attend for a future interview.


Hi guys, I have an assessment centre with Aston in a few days and want to know what they could potentially ask. There are 3 parts- an individual exercise, group exercise and interview. Can anyone give me any tips or clues as to what is coming.



hey spo827, could you tell me how the assessment centre was? what were the 3 exercises? i have the assessment centre next week. any info you could give would be much appreciated mate. thanks!