Assurance/Audit Wage



I’m through to the assesment stage for PWC’s Graduate Assurance position but I’m slightly confused on salary. Of course the salary is not the most attractive aspect of the job as there are many more benefits to working for such a firm but I’ve heard varying figures from £18k to £27k. I know London will naturally have a higher wage but does anyone know what the Edinburgh office offer?

Thanks for the help


around 20. but the living expenses are waaaaaaaaaay lower than in london.


Hey doulikemyname, I’m applying for PwC assurance in Edinburgh too. Got 1st interview tomorrow. Only spotted this site tonight. Shame I could have asked you about the interview, although I got quite a bit of info from here already.

Have a mate starting in 09 in KPMG been offered 20k so I assume most of the big 4 are going to be similar.



Good luck Edinburgh_Dave. Will you give us the low-down on the interview tomorrow once you’ve had it?! If you haven’t seen it already and you’ve only just arrived on the site, have a look at [[competency based interview]]. Could be helpful :wink:


I started at PwC this year and my salary is indeed £20, 000 plus benefits. Good Luck!!!