Assistant traders Position


Assistant Traders Position

Hi guys,
I haven’t really been applying to jobs because I intended to take time off after University to travel and maybe do some teaching abroad having spoken to some members of the rotary club about it, but a great opportunity has presented itself to me.

A firm is looking for an assistant trader of equity options and I decided to apply. I had an initial telephone interview and have been invited for a face to face interview for the position. The lady was kind enough to offer me feedback and said my knowledge was good (we talked about European call options) and I had the necessary basic computer skills they wanted (some Java experience) and had some good examples for the competency questions.

The main problem was the question why do you want to become a trader? What is your interest? I came from a numerate undergrad and I am now finishing an MSc in Computational Finance and feel that this is the natural progression, wanting to apply the principles learnt in my education to my career. I haven’t done an internship and she said I will have to really impress them for my reasons for wanting the job.

Can anyone with experience give me some detail about what exactly a trader does and the reasons they initially chose that career please, it would be much appreciated.


Sorry Assistant, not assistent