Assessment Day vs. Job Test Prep


Anyone taken the SHL-style tests from Assessment Day or Job Test Prep?

How would you rate them?


I would say Graduatemonkey or jobtestprep or Assesment day. Graduatemonkey offers tutorial videos on specific question types and data contexts while the Jobtestprep offers general math tutorials. Assesment day offers neither.


I bought today a pack from Job Test Prep for the Verbal reasoning. I was considering Graduate Monkey as I read good feedback in forums, but as WikiJob recommends Job Test Prep over and over, I followed on the advice. WHAT A RIP OFF!!! I wasted something like 40 euro in this crap, tests that I did online for free seemed more aligned and logical with the one that SHL provides. It is a shame that Wikijob recommends Job Test Prep when they have such a defficient service, in my view at least.