Assessment Day at Clifford Chance tommorow

Clifford Chance

I have cleared the verbal reasoning test and i have been called for the assessment day tommorow, for their training contract.
I am a third year law student and keeping that in mind what can we expect from areas like group excercise and case study.

and if they are recruiting the third year and fourth year students from all over india , what can be their criteria of assessment apart from the usual things like common sense, grades , hardworking?..and when students from third year have no experience as such of coporate and business law…not even the financial market.


Seen the wiki profile - [[clifford chance]]?

Not sure I really get the second part of your question - could you explain?


i mean that they are recruiting the third year and fourth year(5yr law course) law students from india for training contract 2010 and 2011 respectively, so what are they looking for …? like we hardly have any knowledge of business law and financial market and all their test are based on business scenario and stuff…so how are they going to test our knowledge of the same…and whether there questions going to be of a level which we can deal with our common sense and general knowlede?..i have looked into the information that the site provides…but that all looks for students who have atleast completed their graduation or are in their final year


Is this for jobs in India or UK - I don’t understand… ?


clifford chance training contract in Uk recruiting indian students…


Are they specifically recruiting India students?

They’ll be looking for your [[commercial awareness]], knowledge of the firm, knowledge of the industry, work experience, relevant academics, personality fit… is this what you mean?